Chiodos on Magazine

They should have been the support act of ESCAPE THE FATE but the headliner canceled but nevertheless the tour has been switched into a small headlining tour in Germany: The CHIODOS … I met Craig Owens at the Werkstatt in Cologne and we talked about the new album which will come out soon, Katy Perry and expectations, by Dennis Rowehl.

Photo by Lisa Johnson Rock does it feel. You should have been the support act for ESCAPE THE FATE … and now you’re the headliner? Is it a big difference for you?

Craig: Yes, it is a big difference. We didn’t want to headline over here without a new record, we wanted to support to build up a new fanbase that people get to know us … but being the headliner without new music out really doesn’t make sense to us … but here we are, and we’re going to make the best out of it and try to make it fun. We play just a couple of shows and hope that the fans enjoy it. But you’re working on a new album, right?

Craig: Yeah, we finished it and now it’s time for the mix. It’s going to be released next March. Do you already have a title for it?

Craig: No. You know, that’s the reasn why we’re not ready for the headlining thing yet cause I cannot tell you that much about the new album. Sorry. In a couple of weeks we’ll have the title, artwork and stuff. But besides you enjoy the time?

Craig: Sure, we love to come over to Germany and we’ll play some new tracks. It’s great over here. Especially your second album was very successful in the US, so how high are your expectations?

Craig: The expectations are really high but we try to ignore this and ry to do our best making a great record with no worries. You also have serious lyrics?

Craig: Absolutely … not about politics and human experiences … … like what?

Craig: … ähm … living! Every day, relationships, personal stuff …. When bands tour many musicians don’t really care about what’s going on in the worls, politics etc. … what about you?

Craig: I read the Guardian every day and I’m up to date regarding politics but I keep it to myself. I just read something interesting about Katy Perry that the sales of her new album are very bad. The single is doing well but albums are dying. Maybe the Pop business is different from Punk, Rock and Metal … but what do you think … what does a band have to do to make albums more intersting?

Craig: I can answer as an artist … well, I want to do an entire album and tell stories, it’s not just about selling copies … it’s about writing music I enjoy. Of course you want that people pay attantion to your album. I presume that Kary Perry cares more about singles, she’s a single type artist. I care more about full albums, I’m an album guy and I hope that Rock fans still want albums, too. Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd … they did albums! When the CD came out albums became longer than the albums on vinyl used to be … and many bands put to many fillers on the albums … maybe this is a reason why albums became less attractive.

Craig: Yeah, right. We never did this (laughing) Besides … how big is vinyl in the United States … will you release your album on vinyl?

Craig: Yes! Vinyl is increasing in the USA. Especially in Rock! It’s a different way to listen to music and to collect it. Do you still have a record player?

Craig: No, I haven’t. I wish I had but honestly … I’ve been at home maybe two weeks in the last eight months, so at this time it doesn’t make that much sense to me. I have the records … maybe I need a new one. Craig, thank you so far … maybe we’ll talk right after your album release, again.

Craig: Yes, thank you for coming out!