Zebrahead on entertaimnet

Cologne: „Tell your friends“ is definitely (one of) the best Spring Break Rock album ever and I was looking forward to meet guitarist/singer Matty Lewis again to talk about the new album, tour life and just nonsense. Getting older is no excuse not to party for these guys and on stage they are stronger than ever: Cocktail bar, roadies dressed in Oktoberfest outfits and stage diving fans … still amazing !!!

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Pic by courtesy of Zebrahead abd Oktober Promotion

entertaim.net: Unfortunately this venue is a little far out, so I had to drive and cannot drink.

Matty: Oh, that’s definitely the worst part. We’ve got the cocktail bar on stage … well, and I don’t have to drive (laughing)

entertaim.net: Let’s get to „Call your friends“- I think it’s definitely your best album you ever did. Even better than stuff like Blink182. Great songs, great vibes and elaborated guitar parts.

Matty: Thanks, man! I really appreciate this! Honestly I also think that this is the best one. We had so much fun recording it!

entertaim.net: … and of course the best cover since „Playmate of the year! I don’t like the cover of „Get nice“, it’s so average …

Matty: (laughing) Actually we took a picture of a friend and did a photo shoot and thought: Hey, this could be a great album cover! And she’ll be in our next video for „Sirens“ which is not out yet. You know, Zebrahead is pretty muchs tits and beer (laughing)! And party!

entertaim.net: You’re getting older but your music, lyrics and videos are still in this Spring Break stuff, drinking beer, party  … so, is it still reliable?

Matty: (laughing) Of course! You’re never to old to have party! We have grown cause everybody grows but we’re still the party guys! We’re still young at heart and like drinking. That’s it!

entertaim.net: But more older chicks?

Matty: (laughing) Cougars! We call them Cougars. I love cougars! Older ladies on a prowl. I love every girl between 18 and … whatever …

entertaim.net: The last time I saw you on stage I was very surprised how many young people showed up … I mean there was no video on TV but nevertheless young kids know you and showed up … in California it’s totally different but I was amazed how many young people know you right here in Germany!

Matty: I think it has much to do with the festivals. We played lots of festivals. You’ve got your core fans but many other people can see you … they are curious to see what Zebrahead is about and people recognize that we’re true. We like to party, kids like to party … that’s it!

entertaim.net: Do you have some nasty gossip stuff for me to write about?

Matty: No, I don’t! I really wish I did. Our lives are pretty boring … we get on the bus, get to the next show, to another show, drink beer and vodka … that’s it …

entertaim.net: Do you like Helloween?

Matty: Sure! I love Helloween. The last time we played on Helloween everybody was dressed up and we had a great time. Helloween is the perfect opportunity for little kids to dress up and for women to dress very slutty. That’s perfect!

entertaim.net: Okay, Matty … I got to ask you something special …

Matty: Sure, go ahead!

entertaim.net: You, on an uninhabited island for a couple of months … without chicks … and now you’ve got to make a choice what to prefer as your company: A female donkey or Hillary Clinton … so what’s better?

Matty: (laughing) JESUS!!!! … A female donkey or Hillary Clinton … Mmhh, I would say Hillary Clinton. Because: You know, it woold be nice to talk to somebody, you know. And maybe I close my eyes … maybe we have sex and I close by eyes thinking of another girl. The donkey … I can show her the island but the donkey wouldn’t talk to me. If we do have sex … I’ll close my eyes and think: It’s not Hillary Clinton, it’s not Hillary Clinton, it’s not Hillary Clinton (laughing)!

entertaim.net: Do you enjoy being in Germany? You’re lucky regarding the weather …

Matty: Absolutely! The weather is great (19.10.2013)! Usually it’s really cold and freezing. But it’s great. Thank Got cause I just brought this hoodie.

entertaim.net: Will you show up next year?

Matty: Absolutely! We’ll play some festivals.

entertaim.net: The last time you played a real tour was concerning „Get nice!“

Matty: Yes, and since then we tried to get the live energy even on the new album, that’s why I really think that „Tell your friends“ is the best Zebrahead album

entertaim.net: Alright, thanks … nice talking to you again. Good luck for the future.

Matty: Thank you, Dennis!