Eklipse on entertaim.net

Violin. Secret service father, ice skating mother, childhood in transit. Speaks Russian, Dutch, German. Lovers come and go, the eye is never revealed. Conservatory in Holland, rigorous training, the most beautiful creature of the night, a double life. Deep passion, ice cold Scarlett. I talked to the blonde Femme Fatale regarding the North America Tour supporting Kamelot and Delain and tried to draw a secret from the mysterious lady.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Pic by Bara Prasilova

entertaim.net: You’ve just played an extended North America tour supporting Delain and Kamelot? How did it feel to play in bigger venues in Canada and the US right from the beginning?

Scarlett: For all of us it was the first time in the U.S. One year ago we have never thought of playing a tour over there, so that’s a big honour for us. Thanks to Thomas Youngblood for making this possible! The Americans are so kind people, our fans were there for us right from the beginning. They were so enthousiastic about our music, and so was the athmosphere. That was a huge suprise for us and we hope that we can come back to the States and Canada soon.

entertaim.net: How did the metalheads react on you?

Scarlett: The Metal fans were so enthousiastic about our music and clapped to our songs and sung along. It was really a great experience.

entertaim.net: Are there any further plans to go on tour with Apocalyptica?

Scarlett: (laughing) Not yet, but this would be cool, definately!

entertaim.net: I heard that there’s a Russia Tour in progress, is this correct? You’ve got a good connection to Russia … ?

Scarlett: Ohhh, where do you got that from? Actually there’s nothing in progress or even planned. But actually a great idea, thanks! I speak Russian, so I could translate (almost) everything.

entertaim.net: There are lots of mysteries about you. How hard is it to hide the secrets when you’re on tour with two other bands … especially in the backstage area?

Scarlett: Ohh yeah. I don’t know, I think when we are on tour we don’t really hide everything like we usually do. So our crew and the other bands know pretty much about us. I think on tour the bands and the crew is like a big family and it would be very difficult to hide everything about ourselfs.

entertaim.net: What are the next steps in your musical career?

Scarlett: Our recent album is released in America and Europe. Apart from that we are going on tour with The Mission in December 2013 for a couple of dates. And we are already choosing songs for our new album. Everything is in progress and we hope that our fans and friends will enjoy our music.

entertaim.net: Scarlett, thank you so far.

Scarlett: You’re welcome.