Dirty Heads on entertaimnet.

Short Cut with Jared Watson about roots and the Germany tour. Interview: D. Rowehl / Pic: Autumn de Wilde

entertaim.net: This November you’ll play some shows in Germany? Are you looking forward to it?

Jared: We are very excited to get to Germany. We have been planning on a Europe tour to spread the Dirty Heads vibe for awhile now. 

entertaim.net: Your album is more summer music like Reggae, how hard is it to convince people in cold times like November?

Jared: That was the plan. We wanted to make an album you could listen to during the cold times and it can transport you somewhere else. A get away. 

entertaim.net: Your album is pretty awesome, some tracks remind me of Third Eye Blind … where do you see your roots?

Jared: We listened to alot of Beastie Boys, Wutang and Tribe called Quest and Pharcyde. On the Hip Hop side. Yellow Man, Barrington, Ken Boothe, Michigan and Smiley, Peter Tosh, Bob Marley on the Reggae side. Our roots are deep in Reggae, Hip Hop, folk and even Classic Rock. 

entertaim.net: Have you any expectations regarding the success of your shows and the album?

Jared: We aren’t going in with any expectations. People could love us or hate us. We are gonna go on stage party our asses off and play like we usually do. It’s a brand new world for us. Wich is an amazing thing. 

entertaim.net: What are your plans for 2014 … more shows and festivals?

Jared: At the beginning of the year after Europe we are in the studio recording for our next full length album … then tour, tour, tour.

entertaim.net: You’ve got some guest musicians on your album … how important is it for you having those guys on board?

Jared: It wasn’t important it was more of an honor. We didn’t know if anyone would say yes. We love having guest artist, it’s a really cool thing hearing what another creative musical mind would do to your music.

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