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She’s cute and attractive and conquers a special niche in the erotic and fetish business by turning her fascination for high heels into big business. Apart from her shoe videos she started working in the extreme adult industry. Exclusively we talked to Julie about Christian Louboutin shoes, stalkers, music, acting and her experiences in the adult entertainment.

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by D.R., photos by courtesy of Julie Skyhigh

entertaim.net: Hello Julie, how are you doing?

Julie Skyhigh: (laughing) Fine, thank you.

entertaim.net: You’re from Belgium … from Brussel, right?

Julie: Yes, that’s why I love traveling. Here’s not that much to see.

entertaim.net: So, you collect Christian Louboutin high heels and boots. How many pairs do you already have?

Julie: Mmhh, I don’t count them, but lots of high heels (laughing), only brands … so expensive shoes because if you walk on these shoes every day they need to have a good quality, so they have to be expensive.

entertaim.net: At which age you started to be addicted to high heels?

Julie: Not so early, I became addicted at 17 but I got my first pair of high heels when I was 13 or 14 … yeah. I released a video where I’m on a cross trainer practicing some gym on high heels but usually I don’t do sports this way (laughing). I also have sport shoes but honestly that’s the only pair of flat shoes I have. You know why? I think that 120 Euro are too expensive for flat shoes! 120 Euro and no heels, that doesn’t make sense (laughing).

entertaim.net: You started your own business with video channels and your fetish videos and you’re rather successful. Do you manage everything on your own or do you have a management?

Julie: It’s just me and my boy friend, we do everything together and it’s also a learning by doing process and lots of training.

entertaim.net: Is this your only job?

Julie: Absolutely.

Julie Skyhigh interview and pics on entertaimnet

entertaim.net: By the way … you posted that you’ve been at a Peter Gabriel concert. What kind of music do you prefer?

Julie: I like the music from the 80s. There’s a bigger variety than in the music of today. I like U2, Duran Duran and stuff.

entertaim.net: Do you have any ambitions acting in a music video or have you already done anything like this?

Julie: Not yet. I think I’m a very bad actress, so if I see myself acting I really think I’m not good at this. I’m better in being myself.

entertaim.net: But you don’t have to talk in a music video?

Julie: (laughing) Yeah, that’s true. Maybe I should try it.

entertaim.net: Have you ever tried to sing?

Julie: Oh no … I can’t sing … it’s awful, believe me. I don’t even have to try.

entertaim.net: When did you start doing and spreading your own videos?

Julie: At June 2011. At the beginning I liked to be photographed and then things developed. I used to work for an agency … modeling … but unfortunately I’m not tall enough for the good jobs, I’m just 1,64. There’s no real work when you’re 1,64, especially not on the cat walk (laughing). So the only good jobs are presenting supermarkets and I didn’t want to do that. Sometimes I get requests for fairs, that’s okay for me.

entertaim.net: You also posted that in Belgium guys do have no respect for girls. Can you be more precise?

Julie: Sure. There’s so much stalking. Honestly, sometimes unknown guys are following me like dogs. In public streets … they don’t know me but they try to talk to me and they don’t go away … sometimes I really have to scream that they go away but even if I scream they still stay. Unbelievable. Especially in Belgium … don’t know why. Maybe they don’t have enough sex at home and stalk girls in the streets. In Germany you can walk with provocant outfits and nobody tries to talk to you. It’s totally different. I like Germany.

entertaim.net: When did you start to get into adult entertainment?

Julie: Recently. I really wanted to do this!

entertaim.net: Why did you choice doing that extreme movies?

Julie: For me it’s not extreme at all, I like to do a little bit of everything to try and to get more experiences. For me I just important to feel good at the set. I contacted the production company to to porn movies because I wanted to try. That’s it.

entertaim.net: People are wondering why a lovely girl like you likes to have sex with old and often ugly guys … a bunch of that kind of guys … isn’t it disgusting?

Julie: No, I like to give myself away to average people. When I see those videos I’m surprised about myself having sex with so many guys, they look at me and I see in their eyes that they are surprised having sex with a young woman, they are surprised about doing what they do. This is very interesting. Anyway … I don’t like young guys, I prefer older guys … 40, 50 … I don’t know why (laughing).

entertaim.net: Does your boy friend/male friend has no problem with this?

Julie: No. It’s exciting for him. He likes watching me doing this. Let’s talk about avegage guys. This is exactly what I like … having sex with average guys. That’s really what I like (laughing).

entertaim.net: What are your plans for the future.

Julie: We will build up our own website to spread my fetish videos. We have to find the right partner to build up the website. Apart from this I’d like to go to the United States, this might be an interesting market.

entertaim.net: Is it still posiible to be really succesful in the erotic business?

Julie: I think it’s very important to offer something really special and exclusive. And I’m still in contact with my fans on facebook etc. and I think it’s very important to get in touch personally. I like it and it’s fun talking to my friends and fans.

entertaim.net: Okay, thank you very much … it was very exciting talking to you. I wish you good luck with your website …

Julie: You’re welcome.

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Julie Skyhigh on entertaimnet

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