Children of Bodom on

Cologne. Brillant new album and a European Tour … I met guitarist Roope Latvala right before the show at the Live Music Hall and we talked about the tour, the Grim Reaper and saunas.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl You’re very busy touring Europe till the end of November and start with playing in Russia next April. What will you do in the meantime?

Roope Latvala: We’ll play lots of shows, even in Slovenia, Croatia, Poland etc., then we’ll take a break and before touring Russia we’ll play shows in the USA and Canada … next February … so we’re really busy. How does it feel to spend that much time with your guys in a nightliner?

Roope: Sometimes it’s really cool, sometimes it’s rough … at some point. Sometimes I’ll take my time biking around when we have some hours off. You’re from Finland and I guess you miss the sauna, don’t you? Or do you have one on board?

Roope: (laughing) A Rock’n’Roll sauna …. unfortunately not but at home I’ve got one. I go twice a week … usually. You’re still addicted to the Grim Reaper … even on the new cover …

Roope: Yeah … it’s all about dark stuff but I can’t tell that much about it cause I don’t write the lyrics. It’s kind of a nice tradition but this time we’ve got shades of grey on the cover, it’s looks more icy and stuff … trapped under ice … (laughing). Do you also have beautiful chicks on board?

Roope: (laughing) I don’t think so … our audience is usually ugly guys (laughing) … no I’m kiddin‘ … (laughing)

Roope: I don’t think that much about this … time is running fast when you’re on tour. Germany’s a good place for you, right?

Roope: We haven’t played here for a while but yeah … you’re right. This time we play a lot of shows … even in Australia. I like Germany … here’s good and cheap beer (laughing) … much cheaper like in Finland. Sometimes after the show we hang out at the merch stand to talk to fans. It’s great. Well, I haven’t seen you live on stage, I’m definitely excited …

Roope: Enjoy the show, Alexi feels a little sick but we’ll give our best. It’s Rock’n’Roll … Thank you!