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Fast and furious. Californian model Brittani Paige about fast cars, music, hot outfits, by Dennis Rowehl.

Pics by courtesy of Brittani Paige, pic above by MMason Photography, pic (bottom) by Grandmah Photography Hello Brittani, first of all … on your facebook site you present lots of healthy food. Are you also addicted to chocolate or … as some models told me … is chocolate the root of all evil?

Brittani: I love to have chocolate once in a while but I actually don’t eat sweets too often. Only when I get cravings. Let’s start with your current projects … are any magazine shootings or events in progress?

Brittani: I have some coming up and always am busy ! Stay tuned to find out what I’m working on next Living in LA is a dream especially for German models … the glam, the sun, the beaches. How often do you spend your time at the beaches?

Brittani: Really ? I’ve always wanted to visit Germany!! The beaches over here are nice and I try to go as often as I can when the sun is out. Traveling is certainly on of the best aspects in a model’s life … but what’s the worst thing about being a model?

Brittani: The worse thing for me personally about modeling is trying to figure out who you can trust or who just wants to use you because you model. You’re also a famous model in the car-/tuning-scene. How important are big and fast cars in your life?

Brittani: Fast cars are amazing! Everything about them is awesome. I hope to own an exotic car of my own in the future. There’s definitely a big competition between models but also friendships. Do you hang out with models in your private time?

Brittani: I do hang out with them. We can relate to each other and have a fun time. Finally … do you have your personal Top 3 list of your favorite outfits when you go out?

Brittani: A crop top with cute shorts and heels, A skirt with a low cut shirt and heels , and also always keep a mini black dress in your closet. Black matches anything. What kind of music do you like most and have you ever thought about singing?

Brittani: Usually listen to Lana Del Rey. I love her style and she tells stories in her lyrics. I wanted to be a singer when I was younger but I don’t think my voice is the prettiest ! Brittani, thank you very much!

Brittani: My pleasure.

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