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KRYS ANGELES … German origin and gorgeous model. We talked about her roots, Amish people, future projects, Nikita Esco and the manners of a model.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl, pics by courtesy of Kris Angeles, by PRADOFOTO I read that you grew up close to Amish County in Pennsylvania. Did this influenced you in a certain way?

Krys: Yes.  I am very domestic.  I was taught happiness in simplicity.  I think I have an image of being a jet setter and a girl always at the party but at the end of the day I want to be in the kitchen cooking, reading a book, and relaxing. Could you image living like they do?

Krys: I need my electricity and hot showers. So probably not. Your friend Nikita Esco encouraged you to become a model. Are you still in contact and did you regret your decision to model?

Krys: Nikita is very much an integrated part of my life.  She and I grew up together, after I moved to the west coast. Modeling helped me break out of my shyness and gave me amazing contacts and opportunities. It was a blessing. You performed Go Go Dancing in China … wow, this sounds weird cause there so many different stories about China. What are your experiences regarding China? Go Go Dancing doesn’t seem to be a symptom of Communism?

Krys: It was such a random gig. I jumped at the chance to travel. The funniest thing was when I was on the Great Wall of China and the Chinese tourist kept taking pictures of me because I was a white, blonde girl. I marveled at how I was going to be in their vacation pictures.  „There is the Great Wall …. and that is some blonde American girl…“  (laughing) You’re 100% German … but you grew up in the US … do you speak German, what’s your typical German attitude and besides … what’s your fave German word?

Krys: I embrace my German roots. I can only do small phrases to get by. My favorite German word is „Bleistift“. (laughing)

Krys: It means pencil but I like saying it.  I’m silly. I also like the polite words: „Gefallen and danke“. I like manners. Do you like drinking beer or is beer poison for models (laughing) ?

Krys: A cold beer on a summer day isn’t bad.  True Germans drink and are merry! That’s definitely true! Can you tell us more details about your shootings and projects in the near future?

Krys: I have been focusing a lot on behind the scenes stuff. I am doing a few shoots but am learning make up, photography and am styling shoots. It’s interesting seeing the other side of shoots and post production.  I am currently doing a holiday look book for a new line called UnKwn Clothing.  It is a street wear brand that is meant for the more polished and forward man who wants a twist on current trends. Finally, do you have a Top 3-list of NO GO’s for models?

Krys: Like, what shouldn’t a model do? Yes …

Krys: Models should never be late.  Never be unappreciative. Never have a bad attitude. Just be a good human being and be confident. Krys, thank you very much … maybe see you in Germany soon …. for a beer and a Bleistift ….

Krys: (laughing) … You’re welcome. See you …

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