Kaki West on entertaimnet

FHM, FHM, FHM … many times she decorated the cover of this famous and also many further glam magazines. We had the chance to talk to her about exotic shootings, the perfect man and current projects.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Pics by courtesy of Kaki West, by Eric Gea, http://www.geaimages.com

entertaim.net: Hi Kaki, you appeared in many, many glam magazines such as FHM and you’ve also been the cover model many times. What was your favorite shooting you ever did?

Kaki: My  favorite shoot  was in June. I went to Exuma Bahamas, it was paradise with the best crew in the world! I shot on the sandbar where the movie „Pirates of the Caribbean“ was filmed.  My job was to wear gorgeous bikinis and play on a sandbar, not bad for a days work.

entertaim.net: Is there a kind of shooting you haven’t done before but still want to do?

Kaki: Yes, to model my own clothing line!  Possibly coming soon Kaki West the designer?!

entertaim.net: You also did lots of interviews with celebs. What’s better? Interviewing or being interviewed?

Kaki: I have enjoyed interviewing people, as I love to meet interesting people and hear their stories.

entertaim.net: What are your projects in the near future? Any TV appearances?

Kaki: I shot with celebrity photographer John Russo and we have many fashion editorials coming out this winter, such as Vuex Magazine. Its was surreal to shoot with him and the photos came out unbelievable.

entertaim.net: You’re also famous for your humor. Do you have a personal fave joke to tell?

Kaki: (laughing) I like to laugh, it’s chicken soup for the soul. I have a witty personality. I owe that to being the baby of a big family and my private school education. Catholic school girls are notorious for pulling pranks!

entertaim.net: Now you live in New York and you moved over from L.A., a definitely sunny place? Why?

Kaki: I moved for love, the best reason to move. I have embraced  New York City , I love the fashion, culture and energy. I travel so frequently for work and pleasure I have the best of both worlds. I can find the sunshine anywhere.

entertaim.net: Finally a special question especially for our male readers. Do you have 5 good advices what a man has to do or a man needs to be attractive for a model?

Kaki: 1.) Minty Breath 2.) Must own a well tailored suit  3.) Good sense of humor 4.) Be a gentleman 5.) Never wear a fanny pack.

entertaim.net: Kaki, thank you very much …

Kaki: You’re welcome …

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