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A burger without meat is like the UK without football … so even gorgeous top models from the UK like talking about it … Here’s the interview with Victoria aka Vicki McKillop about David Beckham, current projects, music and more.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Photos by courtesy of Victoria McKillop; photos by Parbell Photos. First of all. Do you like football and what’s your favourite club? The Blackburn Rovers? Or Man U … I saw this add on your facebook site?

Victoria: Hi… Yes I love football and my favourite club is Burnley. I won a competion to be a Red Army Babes which is why you’ve seen me mention Man United on my profile. Do did lots of calendar and magazine shoots? Is it still electrifying doing some magazine shootings or is it more routine?

Victoria: Yes, I do still do a lot,and i still really enjoy it and get excited before a shoot. What are your current projects you’re working on?

Victoria: I’m shooting tomorrow actually for the Sidekick Boxing brand. Im the original Sidekick girl I like this motorbike pic on your site. Do you cycle?

Victoria: I enjoy cycling although I dont have a bike. I do it in my local gym to keep fit, it’s called spinning (laughing). Would you like to be part of a music video by a huge band? by the way … what kind of music do you prefer?

Victoria: I’ve been asked to be in many music videos yet I haven’t actually done it yet!!! Yes, I would love to, I love all music. Can you tell us your personal Top 3 advices to look sexy and attractive?

Victoria: Well, look after yourself … dress well … and finally … have confidence A last one … everybody in the UK seem to think that David Beckham is the sexiest man alive. What do you think?

Victoria: Yes, I agree, he’s got better with age…. Hes the perfect man. No kiddin?

Victoria: NO! (laughing) Thank you very much.

Victoria: Your welcome … Thank you.

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