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„Websex girl“ in a Steven Seagal production … we needed to get more info about this … and we talked to Vancouver model Arianna Ly about acting, modeling and singing in her new band „SOLYCEent“ …

Interview: Dennis Rowehl, photos by courtesy of Arianna Ly / by David Fok and Harry Ma. You live in Vancouver which becomes more and more important for TV shows. Is it also a good location for modeling or do you have in mind to move over to L.A., NY or Miami?

Arianna: No doubt, there’s a lot of TV production work going on in Vancouver. As far as modeling goes, I find that Vancouver has a small market for that industry, so LA, New York and Miami would definitely have bigger and more opportunities. I’ve never been to New York or Miami before but both are on my list to go so I hope I get the chance one day. Watch out for me! (laughing) I’ve always thought about living in LA for a year but it’s not in my budget at the moment. However, I’ll be making a visit there sometime this summer. Look out for me there too! You appeared in Steven Seagal’s „True Justice“. What was your role and are there further ambitions for TV-shows etc.?

A: (laughing) Everytime people ask me this, I laugh. My casting role for that was called „websex girl“. I know what you’re thinking but it’s really not what it sounds like. It was a background role that I did. I just had to wear lingerie attire and run down the stairs to escape from the bad guys so I didn’t actually have to perform any „websex“ stuff (laughing). Yes, I definitely want to pursue further roles in TV Shows. You did lots of promos for beer? Do you also like beer?

A: I have done a fair share of promotional work for different beers. I’m not a fan of dark beer because it’s too bitter but I don’t mind the taste of some light beers. Unfortunately I’m allergic to alcohol so I seldom drink, I’m probably the cheapest drunk you will ever meet! According to a friend, it only takes $6 to get me drunk. (laughing) You’re also a well-booked model on car expos … do you like being photographed by many visitors or is it sometimes annoying?

A: Well, I’ve got my foot in the door and have made appearances at a couple of car shows. I love being in front of the camera and taking photos with visitors, that’s why I got into modeling in the first place! I read that you also sing … can you tell us more about it? In a band? Is there a CD in progress and what kind of music?

A: Singing is one of my passions. I currently have a duo group going on with my singing partner Pamela Vera. We go by the name „SoLYCE“. You can check out our cover videos on youtube under „SOLYCEent“. We perform live at local venues around our hometown in Vancouver, BC. There’s no CD in progress at the moment but possibly one day maybe. We mainly just love performing. We sing a variety of music — from Jazz, Hip Hop, R’n’B, contemporary and old school jams. Would you like to do a video with SOLYCE? If you had an unlimited budget for a video production … what would you do?

A: Yes, if I ever get the chance or opportunity I’d love to do a video for my duo group. Even with an unlimited budget, I’d still like to keep things simple. Big productions and crazy effects are cool and all but if it were me I would just do a simple multi track video with vocals, mic and an instrument of some sort and put it together somehow. Less is more afterall. Just like how youtube artists such as Boyce Avenue and Jayesslee do most of their videos. That’s raw talent. Isn’t it hard … especially cause of the lack of time … to combine modeling with a 2nd career in music?

A: I currently work 5 different jobs so it’s definitely a challenge for me to manage my time in general. Hopefully, if I can consistently recieve opportunities, I won’t have to work a full time day job then I can invest more time into music and modeling. Just gotta keep goal digging! Working as a freelancer .. is it hard or do you enjoy your life as a model?

A: The hardest thing for me is having enough time. I’m currently balancing my time between a full time job, promotional work, singing, gogo dancing, photoshoots/freelance work and collaborations/projects. Depending on the week, sometimes I’ll be working 4 different jobs …as hectic as it gets, I really love what I do because there’s always something for me to be excited about which is why I got into it in the first place. Last question … what are the Top-5-sexiest woman alive … apart from you of course? (laughing)

A: My top 5 women crushes are Mila Kunis, Miranda Kerr, Melanie Iglesias, Arianny Celeste and Jessica Burciaga. They are perf! Can you tell us your Top-3 beauty advices how to look and remain sexy ?
Eat clean, Try and get at least 7 hours of sleep and drink 8 or more glasses of water everyday! Thanks alot, maybe we’ll hear more about SOLYCE soon …

A: Thank you very much!

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