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She’s hot and famous and CEO of her own company Diamond Dozen Models. We talked to Franchesca del Carpio about her business, go-go-dancing and her personal Top-5 list what a woman has to do to look sexy and stunning.

Interview by Dennis Rowehl / Photos by courtesy of Franchesca del Carpio, by: Ace of LA of Bl Dmnds and Chris Arias of Slickforce Studio, Aaron Riveroll Hello Franchesca, I’m really happe that we could realize this interview. Well, you’re one of the most adorable and a really successful model. Appearances in mags like Lowrider-Mag, Maxim and you worked for brands such as Bacardi, Ferrari, Heineken, Masserati etc. What’s the best part of your profession? Traveling?

Franchesca: Absolutely! I am blessed to be able to travel and work with a great team. You’re also a Diamond Dozen Model and you’re the CEO? What exactly is a DD-Model and what exactly are you doing?

Franchesca: I started booking models when I was 21 for a big alcohol brand. I quickly realized how unreliable models were. Over the years I’ve added professional, beautiful and punctual models to The Diamond Dozen roster. The list has grown from twelve models to thirty nine. We can staff an entire event with gorgeous models from aerolist to poker dealers. Go Go Dancing also seem to be one of your passions. How many hours a week do you rehearse?

Franchesca: I’m behind the scenes a lot more these days and rarely dance anymore unfortunately. I book about 8-12 go-go dancers every weekend. With all your projects etc. you must be absolutely busy?!

Franchesca: I always joke that I need a twin. My schedule is constantly busy but I wouldn’t have it any other day. I’m blessed to love what I do. Maybe you have a weird story for us. What was the craziest shooting you ever did?

Franchesca: I’ve done a few crazy shoots. One of the strangest was for an instrument company. I was in a string bikini … posing with a huge cello (laughing). Do you have some huge projects in the near future? Possibly another TV-appearance?

Franchesca: I have a couple magazine’s about to hit stands.  My focus right now is adding casino services to The Diamond Dozen. We are training the girls to deal everything from Black Jack to Omaha. Do you have a Top-5 list what a woman has to do to look sexy and stunning?

Franchesca: First and foremost confidence. I am huge on having a nice mani / pedi. Every girl need a straightener and curling iron. Eating healthy and a good pair of heels. How important are High Heels and boots to „bewitch“ the manhood? 🙂 By the way … how many pairs of shoos and boots do you have? As many as Mariah Carey who’s famous for having the biggest shoe cabinet worldwide? 🙂

Franchesca: Not only do heels look look sexy but they make a woman feel sexy. I honestly don’t know how many heels I have. I ran out of space at my place so I’m using a couple closets at my parents too lol. A girl needs her shoes! Thank you so far, Franchesca …

Franchesca: You’re welcome …

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