Paige Beck on entertamnet

She’s a famous body building, bikini and fitness model … and humorous. We talked about serieous topics like fast food, diabetes but also about her personal healthy way of life and a muscular Mister Right …

Interview: Dennis Rowehl, photos by courtesy of Paige Beck; photos by Nikos Tsakinis. Paige, body building and fitness seem to be the most important things in your life (smiling) … how many hours do you spend on doing exercises and to build your body and to get the perfect shape?

Paige: Fitness has always been something I was into, even in school I was on some sort of athletic team. When I was 17 I went to my first bodybuilding show and fell in love with the discipline and hard-work of the sport. I started reading and training and experimenting within a week after watching that first show. Two years later I found myself ready enough to jump on stage and try it for myself. I ended up getting 3rd out of 12 other ladies and I knew it was only the beginning for me. For me there is no exact time limit for working-out I’m in there for however long it takes for me to get done what needs to be done. Some days it’s 1-2 hours other days it’s 45 minutes. What’s the biggest challenge you’ve ever won?

Paige: The biggest challenge I have ever won would have to be so far, the INBF Hercules. I didn’t have a lot of competition but the other women I did go up against gave me a run for my money that’s for sure! When I won that show I just felt so excited because I knew I was going in looking better than ever and knowing I looked better than the previous show I did, that’s a good feeling. Especially the USA has got a big fast food and diabetes problem. Obviously the government doesn’t do enough for a healthy youth. What do you think about this development and do you have advices for young people to live healthy?

Paige: Fitness is a life style, my family has always been healthy and that’s how I was raised. Unfortunately, now children are not raised that way, and food is used in ways it shouldn’t be, like a quieting tool or having your children do something and then give them food as a prize! Children are not dogs! I don’t think it’s the government that needs to change this issue, I think it’s parents and peers. People need to start thinking long term not short. Where those cookies really worth giving your child because they won’t stop complaining they’re hungry? How about some carrot sticks or celery sticks with peanut butter! It takes literally 2 minutes to make! I believe the younger the better, if you take care of your body, you’ll feel good, look good, and you’re accomplishments will show and inspire others. However, it’s never to late to start! Do you support any campaigns regarding living healthy etc.?

Paige: Any campaign looking out for people’s health, and way of healthy living. I absolutely support! As long as they have their facts correct! You’re also a bikini model. What was the most inspiring or greatest shooting you ever did?

Paige: (laughing) Awe man I’m stumped on this question, my greatest modeling shooting experience … hmm! I have done so many for good causes and for fun! My last shoot I did the gym in New Jersey I did it in, I ended up being a picture on the gym wall and I thought that was pretty neat. Also being able to shoot with some of the best fitness photographers in the business is a pretty great feeling, too. I made a lot of friends a long the way and every time I shoot it’s an unforgettable experience. Let’s talk about your personal mister right. Do you like muscles or how important are intrinsic values, ingenious conversations etc. ?

Paige: (laughing) Getting personal eh? My type of guy is for sure is athletic and funny! I love comedy, and I love the feeling of being happy after a good laugh! And hey, if he’s got muscles too then that’s a plus ! (smiling) What are your current projects and competitions in the near future?

Paige: I will be competing in the fall November 16th in NYC for NPC Eastern USA Championships. I’m about 13 weeks out and I’m super excited it will be my first time competing NPC.
I also have a bunch of shoots coming up as well! Keep your eyes open for that!!

entertaimnet: Do you have 5 great advices to our readers to live healthy or to remain in a good shape?

Paige: My advice for anyone reading this or wanting to try out this sport. Bodybuilding and fitness is a selfish sport. It consumes your time and changes you. And once you get in the zone and start it will be hard to quit. But it’s worth it, you learn to be a better person, you’ll learn to not just motivate yourself but the others around you, and you’ll be happy that you took this road instead of a bad habit. Keep going, don’t give up, and smile because you can always start new. Do you have a body building idol?

Paige: My idols, my coach, friend, trainer, and supporter! Justine Munro, She has helped me in so many ways possible I can’t thank her enough.
And of course Jamie Eason because she’s so unbelievably humble and Love that! Stay humble and happy! Thank you very, very much!

Paige: My pleasure.