Megan Mai on entertaimnet

Surrounded by woods and mountains, no urban style, but beautiful nature … that’s where Canadian model Megan Mai lives. I talked to her about Canadian fashion, current projects and about not living in a big city …

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Photos by courtesy of Megan Mai; photos by Fauity Focus Photography Hi Megan, you’re from Kamloops … surrounded by great nature. Do you get your inspirations there? There must be lots of really great locations for shooting?

Megan: There are a lot of beautiful places to shoot here in Kamloops. The city is part dessert so it makes some really unique photos. I believe it’s the only semi-dessert part in Canada! Isn’t it hard to get lots of jobs when lots of models live in the bigger cities like Vancouver?

Megan: It depends on if you are willing to travel. I will be going to school full-time this September, so I wont be able to travel at all until I am done. I want to get my schooling done before I really start pushing my modeling in other cities. If I’m right you’re your personal manager and you also sell your posters to your fans. Isn’t it hard to handle all those business activities at the same time?

Megan: It can be time consuming, but it is worth it in the end. I love giving back to my fans, especially those who really have put in an effort to help me. Have you ever thought about moving to Miami or Vegas?

Megan: Not really. It would be nice to be closer to opportunities out there, but I still have a lot of experience to build and not really sure if I would move out of Canada. I would probably just travel there for work if needed. How big is the Canadian model market? Meanwhile many huge TV shows are produced in Vancouver. Does the growing of the entertainment business influence the fashion business as well?

Megan: Oh yes, where there is TV personals and all of those types of people, there is fashion and what to wear and what not to wear. You have to look good and professional on camera! What kind of shooting you haven’t done before and you want to do so badly?

Megan: Commercial and TV ads. In the process! Have you ever been in Germany for a fashion show, a shooting or just for fun?

Megan: No, I have not be out of Canada yet. I would love to do some traveling out there if I ever get the chance! megan, thank you so far …

Megan: You’re welcome, Dennis.

Megan Mai on entertaimnet