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It’s not just about modeling, it’s about creating art. Canadian model Samantha Kush about experimental photography, passion, why she wanted to become a model and Mandy Monroe …
Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Photos by courtesy of Samantha Kush, by Bob House (above) and Taylor Simon. First of all … do you have an explanation why so many girls want to become a model? When did you know that you wanted to become one … and why?
Samantha Kush: Though I can’t speak much for anyone but myself, I knew that I wanted to take modeling seriously after my first photo shoots. I developed a passion for not only modeling but learning and mentoring as well. I’ve always loved creating art with a camera, specifically my Popa’s camera, when I was a kid and teenager doing photo shoots with my much younger cousin. I am full of passion for challenge and creativity, I always have been and modeling is a productive way of expressing it all. You live in Ontario, Canada … so, does Toronto have a good market for fashion shootings and more?
S.K.: There is definitely a great group of talented people in Toronto. I am from Kingston, a couple hours east of Toronto and  west of Ottawa; so I can conveniently travel to either in little time (smiling) I do minor fashion modeling as my height of 5′ 5″ unfortunately but understandably restricts me from a lot of fashion work. You also did more crazy and weird shootings with gas masks and stuff. So, what kind of shootings do you like most …. more experimental stuff or do you prefer „conservative“ shootings“?
S.K.: Yes!!! Those shots were taken by Taylor Simon Photography ( ! Personally I prefer to experiment. I am super versatile and I really enjoy playing around with that. To me, conservative shoots are more experimental at this point (laughing). By the way … do you also like fetish shootings?
S.K.: I get a lot of questions about those Play Piercing photo shoots. The piercing a were done by my brother-in-law (easiest way to put it) who is a fantastic body modification artist. One day he sent me the idea and I loved it and had to be the model to get pierced up… almost 400 times! So, I suppose that Play Piercing is in fact a „fetish“; but for me, it was about endurance. What was your best experience you’ve ever had regarding a professional shooting?
S.K.: I have been really lucky so far and have enjoyed all of my shoots with a little annoyance really being the only thing to stop me from saying I’ve had a perfect experience. What are your projects for the near future … any further magazine shootings?
S.K.: I am constantly working of features for magazines!!! Do you have a personal idol?
S.K.: I don’t have one idol I don’t think. I definitely look up to and am inspired by multiple people regarding all aspects of life. Mandy Monroe has been an amazing model to watch and learn from, and I thank her for being so down to earth and personable!! Yeah, I know her, she’s awesome! Samantha, finally, what kind of music you like?
S.K.: I love Eminem. Marilyn Manson, Classified, Hopsin … Samantha, thanks you for the interview …
S.K.: Thank you, Dennis.
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