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Dressed for success in a brand new outfit. She used to support Collective Soul and is going to rev up with her EPs „Live and learn Vol 1 and 2“. Attractive singer / songwriter Yenisley from Florida about her musical ambitions and about moving over to Nashville.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Pics by courtesy of Yenisley Hi Yenisley … it’s a long time ago since we had an interview … how are you doing right now?

Yenisley: Hi Dennis, that’s true. Well, I am good! I am now living in Nashville, TN. I came here to pursue various opportunities in music. One of my co-writers/producers is based in Nashville and another one is in Atlanta, which is also close to Nashville, so I moved here to work with them on some new material and also get involved in the Nashville music scene. I still go back to Florida quite often throughout the year. You released your album „Live and learn“ digitally. Are you happy about the result yet?

Yenisley: Yes, I am very pleased. It is the first of a 2 part EP. „Live and Learn Volume One“ is out now, and „Live and Learn Volume Two“ will come out later this fall. I am actually super excited about both, but I will admit that the songs that were moved to Volume Two are my favorite. It just kind of worked out that way when we deciding which songs were going to be where. Are you going to produce a video for one of those songs?

Yenisley: I will be doing some videos for Volume Two, not for Volume One. I will be changing genres just a bit for Volume Two so I am going to push that a bit more. While I have always been Pop, I am going away from the „Rock“ side of it. My sound will be a lot more pop from here on out. You used to support Collective Soul. Do you have further tour plans, possibly also in Europe?

Yenisley: Sure I do. I was honored to open for Collective Soul in Orlando. I believe that was the last time I spoke with you as well?? That was the largest crowd I have ever played for. The guys from Collective Soul were so friendly and supportive. I will be checking out several tours in 2014 and trying to get on some of them, especially with the new genre I will be pursuing. What’s the next step in your musical career … maybe a huge act you can support on stage?

Yensiley: The next step is finishing the 2nd part of my EP, then promoting the heck out of it! I will be doing some videos and I have a publicity company that I am working with as far as appearances, promotions, radio placement etc. Then I will look into some tours and getting on with some national acts. Thank you so far and good luck also with Volume Two.

Yenisley: Thank you, Dennis.

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