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Lovely and hot model Melissa Ceja about Martial Arts, the perfect outfit and the secret of her success …

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Photos by courtesy of Melissa Ceja: Pic 1 (top) by Aaron Riveroll, Pic 2 (middle) by Brian Prahl, Pic 3 (bottom) by Michael Bell Hi Melissa, let’s start with you being an MMA ring girl. Do you really like Martial Arts or is is „just“ a job?

Melissa Ceja: Believe it or not, I actually do like martial arts. I’ve always admired my older brother Matthew Ceja, so growing up he used to watch WWF, then from there he started watching UFC and of course I would force myself to watch it, too … just so we could have bonding time (laughing). I was that little sister! Eventually I grew to like it, too since I watched it so often. What kind of sports do you like most?

Melissa: I like football and baseball! I absolutely love going to football and baseball games, even basketball games! It’s a thousand times more entertaining to actually be at a game. As for myself, I don’t play any sports, unless you consider booty shaking and shimmying a sport (laughing) … Have you ever dreamt about becoming a model?

Melissa: I have always dreamt of being a model. I always thought I was way too short to even be considered in the modeling world growing up, but once I realized that wasn’t the case, there was no stopping me.

Melissa Ceja Can you tell us about the greatest or coolest shooting you ever had?

Melissa: Hmm the coolest, greatest shoot I’ve ever done, that’s a tough one. I’ve done a good handful of amazing shoots, but I think the one that’s stood out the most for me was a wet look I did at the Palazzo hotel in Vegas with Brian Prahl. This particular shoot stood out to me because I was dying to shoot a wet look, I had never done one before. We did the shoot in the bathroom of a suite and first we did a bubble bath and the bubbles were impossible, falling off me constantly! Then we did shower and those pictures are some of my favorite pictures I’ve taken so far. I have some pretty creative ideas for my next greatest shoot though! (laughing) How much work is it to become and remain successful?

Melissa: It’s actually a lot of work to become and remain successful, more work then most people would expect I’m sure. I am 100% self managed, so I’m constantly marketing, making business deals, finding more opportunities and working. What are your current projects or shootings?

Melissa: I am actually preparing to host / interview for half of a season for a dance show that’s being aired on Telemundo. Right now I’m focusing on learning my Spanish! How important is money in your life?

Melissa: Money is very important in my life. I aspire to be completely independent and self sufficient, so money plays a big role in helping that dreams come true. Do you have a Top-list of your most favourite outfits?

Melissa: Of course I do! I am a women after all (laughing) My list is very long though, so I won’t make you sit there as I gush about them but I will say my favorite outfit of all time is my black, tight, Marciano dress with my brand new, first pair of black Christian louboutins heels. I feel like the sexiest little thing in that outfit! (smiling) I guess so! Melissa: Thank you very much for the interview …

Melissa: Thank you for interviewing me (laughing) …

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