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Amazing vita, amazing jobs … glam and adventurous model Amber Sherry talks about competitions, ambitions and the US capital of beer … Milwaukee!

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Photos by courtesy of Amber Sherry and copyright by Vismaya Vijayraj Amber, how are you? What kind of shooting will you have in the near future? Some magazines?

Amber: In the near future I am looking to do some editorial, yet I am into the out of the ordinary shoots. The last shoot I had done was photographed by Vismaya Vijayraj in which our one shoot had been published in three magazines. Amazing pics! Well, you appeared in mags such as … Dark Beauty Magazine and more. Do you like extreme make-up and crazy outfits and styles?

Amber: As seen in Dark Beauty Magazine, I had some FX makeup done to give an image of ripped skin on a zombie, I look this to be versatile. I enjoy being a canvas for talented make-up artists and hairstylists. How big is the competition between models? Is it still a good market especially for experienced models?

Amber: As for competition between models, It always depends on how experienced you are. There are so many talents in the Milwaukee area, as of photographers, fashion designers, make-up artists and more. There is always room to find fresh faces here in Milwaukee to help our new aspiring fashion makers. What kind of shootings do you prefer … fashion or magazine shootings?

Amber: My preference on Fashion shooting and Magazine shooting, I enjoy any shoot where I can stand out to bring something new to the table.  If I am shooting a magazine, and I perform extreme poses I love getting creative, or dressing like a Rock Star and smashing a guitar. As to fashion, I enjoy the beauty of the faces and new fashions the world can offer. You did lots of shows for Harley Davidson … Harley is famous for having huge shows at expos … with Rock music, pole dancing and stuff like that. Do you also like Rock music?

Amber: The Harley Davidson does know how to have a good time! The first time I worked an event, I was offered backstage passes to Kid Rock, ZZ Top, and plainly for the whole week! I ended up giving them to an aspiring photographer in the family to capture some great images. The whole atmosphere of the Harley Davidson is an incredible party and reminds me of a vacation of a lifetime! The people who attend come from all walks of life and know how to have fun. When it comes to music, I enjoy Rock, Alternative, and modern hits that our country’s artists come up with. Are you also a pole dancer? I saw one performance at the Intermot in Cologne at the Harley stand … this was really impressing …

Amber: As of a pole dancer, I have never tried. However I used to take dance classes for Hip Hop, Latin, and Salsa dancing. I was asked through an agency if I could do a go go dancer gig. I took the job and it was the most fun I had had dancing in a while, not to mention the workout! Your from Milwaukee .. so do you like beer  … don’t you have an Oktober Fest in Milwaukee?

Amber: Living in Milwaukee, in the state of beer and cheese  … (laughing) We not only eat and drink these items, we wear them on our heads. Wisconsin has many beers to offer, and home to four of the world’s largest beer breweries (Schlitz, Blatz, Pabst, and Miller). I do not have a preference to beers, but I have a love for the Sprecher Root Beer, which history also comes from Milwaukee! Amber, thank you for the interview … and … if you come to Germany we’ll check out at least 20 German beers (laughing)

Amber: (laughing) Sounds great! Thank you!

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