TANIA KIKIDI / No Crisis / Rock’n’Roll is gonna save the world

Tania Kikidi on entertaim.net

Tania Kikidi from Greece about her new album „Running through the night“, social issues, the musical crisis of Greece and the meaning of Classic Rock.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Pic: Evi Zevgara

entertaim.net: Last year you released your album „Run through the night“. How was the feedback so far?

Tania: Last year I released 2 albums simultaneously. Each one contains completely different styles of music. The first one is the album „Run through the night“ which is a clearly Pop album in English with R’n’B and Soul elements in it. The second one is a Pop Rock album which I sang in Greek , titled „Piso olotahos“ which in a way means ”back to the beginning” and the message of this song is completely political! People liked the song very much but the media refused to play the video clip due to its political content!

entertaim.net: When I think about about music from Greece it’s 50% Metal and 50% folklore pop what’s played on Balkanika MTV Your album is totally different and sometimes reminds me of great artists from Pop to Soul of the 80s. So where do you see your musical direction?

Tania: The crisis in music here in Greece came way before the IMF came to visit us. The old traditional music of Greece is wonderful but nowadays has been mixed together with Turkish and Arabian elements. I never really liked that kind of music. It’s an awful monstrous creation of the record industry, it’s not in our culture. I grew up listening to Classic Rock music like Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Rollin Stones, Janis Joplin and so many other groups of the 60s and 70s and that’s the kind of music that I usually do in my concerts. I also love Soul, Funk and Jazz music, so I gather up all that influence and I try to put it in my music!

entertaim.net: You performed with Deep Purple? Did you support them or have you performed with them?

Tania: Oh yeah … DEEP PURPLE!!! At that time I was performing together with a famous rocker here in Greece Vasilis Papakonstantinou. I was singing and playing drums with him when we were asked to do a short tour with Deep Purple. We opened up 5 gigs in 5 big Greek cities and every gig was a unique experience for me.

entertaim.net: How important is Rock music?

Tania: As I said before I adore Rock music. For me it’s the most original and powerful music ever. Honest music with messages of love and revolution. It’s the music that I usually feel more comfortable singing!

entertaim.net: What are the next steps in your musical career? Will you play in Germany this year?

Tania: Well I m gonna do some big concerts starting this August all over Greece and then I’m gonna record some songs for my new album. Then I would like to do some gigs abroad including Germany.

entertaim.net: So you’re already working on a new album?

Tania: Yeah I’m trying out some new types of songs so I can choose the best for my album. Hope you’ll all enjoy it.