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„The presence of so many people with their eyesight focused on you in the spotlight, gives me a very special feeling!“ Catwalk, fashion shows, shootings … welcome to the world of Kris Paseva. interviewed sensual and also provocative Bulgarian Top Model about her life, work, projects and the East European fashion market.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Photos: Emil MItev (by courtesy of Kris Paseva) You already worked on many fashion shows. What do you like more … the catwalk or photo shootings?

Kris Paseva: Yes, I’ve participated in many fashion shows and photo sessions and it’s not easy to decide which one I like more – the catwalk or photo sessions. There is a certain magic to each one of them. Being part of a fashion show fills me up with positive emotions and the feeling is much different than in photo sessions. The presence of so many people with their eyesight focused on you in the spotlight, gives me a very special feeling but there is also the backstage – as you go rushing to the locker room to change clothes, that’s an additional inspiration for me. I love doing photo shoots but they tend to be more calm and less dynamic. I like to pose for the camera and always run through the photos when the shoot is over. What is the most exhausting and stressing aspect about fashion shows?

Kris: I dare say I’ve gathered a lot of experience in fashion shows and there is hardly anything that can startle or exhaust me. I am used to spending 4 hours or so on my hair depending on the conception of the event, standing long hours on my feet with more complex choreographies. Multiple designer trials before the fashion shows are never a problem and I am always willing to put on any clothes according to the designer’s conceptions and there are younger, less experienced models that refuse to put certain types of clothes and ask to change them. That’s about the preparation stages of getting on the catwalk, getting on the stage is quite trivial and effortless with no stage fright and I always feel great and time passes by very quickly. By the way … I saw pics of a wedding shooting! It was not your personal wedding, was it?

Kris: (laughing) No, I am still single and have not been married yet – I’ve worn a wedding dress just for fashion shows and photo shootings. I shot an ad for a wedding dresses house of a Bulgarian designer in which we staged a wedding environment with a male model and the support of BMW TEAM Bulgaria – the wedding photos were taken there and look pretty realistic, I also have a number of new photos again in wedding dresses, but they are from a catwalk show of wedding dresses. What was the most exciting shooting you ever did?

Kris: It seems as though I don’t have a unique, most exciting experience during photo shootings. I have posed in different places and shooting outdoors is definitely much more exciting and fun than shooting in a studio. Maybe if some day I get to pose in a high risk and extreme environment, I am sure it will leave a mark in my mind. Coming back to it, I now remember I was once shooting a calendar for a hunting company in underwear at a lake in wintertime and it was very cold and I was wearing a pair of fishing boots and went pretty deep holding a huge fishing rod and was about to sink when they quickly pulled me to shore. In Bulgaria you’re a modeling superstar … are there any offers from the USA, maybe by American photographers etc.?

Kris: Oh yeah. I’ve had offers from American photographers but I’ve never worked in the USA and have not shot with American photographers. It’s a bit complicated, as you know I’m from Bulgaria, we need a visa and arrangement of paperwork. I hope one day it happens and hopefully it happens soon as it’s my dream to shoot with photographers from USA. What are your plans regarding current projects and shootings?

Kris: I am shooting very soon for a lingerie line and the conception of the photos will be very sexy and provocative. I will slip a little hint – together with my team we decided to put the kitchen on fire, literally and figuratively. You will get to see the pictures when they are out. This sounds great!

Kris: (smiling) We also did interviews with Bulgarian singers like Emanuela. Can you sing and do you have any ambitions in this direction? By the way … what kind of music you like most?

Kris: I am not one for singing and have not tried or thought about it yet, but if get the chance I probably would. I like different styles of music. I have favorite songs in all genres. How big is the modeling and fashion market in Bulgaria ? What’s the best part of your job?

Kris: Not very big. Bulgaria is a small country and the modeling market is insignificant. There are a few fashion houses and designers but it’s not comparable to Italy or France. The best part of my job is the contacts I make and the chance to meet new people. Kris, thank you very much so far … and don’t forget to send over the new pics …

Kris: Of course not! Thank you.

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