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She’s always laughing, she’s always smiling. Humorous and sexy, that’s Nikita Esco … and she’s definitely more than „just“ a model. We interviewed Nikki about her art of being awesome, her TV show names ROLL MODELS, further ambitions, Go Go, a horror movie called „SHIVER“ and the meaning of High Heels for the entire outfit.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Photos: Drew Santos You’re a model and a Go Go dancer … let’s start with dancing … you also give dance lessons?

Nikita Esco: Yes, I do. Go Go Dancing is my passion! I love it so much, it’s my life. It’s a great way to express myself. It’a intoxicating, contagious and I love to see people getting more and more exciting (laughing). I read that you’re a poker player in training …

Nikita Esco: … (laughing). I like this game but I’m definitely no pro. It’s fun playing with friends. Besides you teach people how to be awesome (laughing) … what’s this about?

Nikita Esco: I’m a positive person and I hate negativity and negative people. Why having a bad attitude? Just smile and have fun. How to be awesome means positive vibes. What can I say … you have to learn to stay away from toxic people … they are not good for you and if you’re surrounded by negative people you’ll have to change your friends (laughing) … honestly! You moved over from Seattle to L.A. and Las Vegas. I guess you’ve been fed up with rain?

Nikita Esco: (laughing) Absolutely! I love the sun. I love both places. The SEMA is in Las Vegas and I’m there every year. I like cars, especially muscle cars. Do you still like being photographed by the visitors at the expos or does it sometimes go on your nerves?

Nikita Esco: I love it. I’m open-minded and love all facettes of my job … shootings, dancing and also working at expos where I meet lots of new people, that’s always interesting. Even if you meet people who suck, you can make something postive out of this … the experience that you don’t want to spend time with those people in the future (laughing) What’s the best part of your job?

Nikita Esco: Traveling and meeting lots of people … Have you ever been in Germany?

Nikita Esco: Unfortunately not but I really love to come over as soon as possible. Would you like to act in a movie?

Nikita Esco: Yeah, of course … actually I have got a small role in a horror movie called „SHIVER“. The production has already been finished, now we’re waiting for distribution partners. Acting in a horrow movie was scary but also fun. I’d love to do more projects like this. Who’s your fave actor or actress?

Nikita Esco: Johnny Depp, he’s the best! Do you have further projects like movies, TV etc.?

Nikita Esco: Yes, we present a youtube-Show called ROLL MODELS. Beyond the beaches of Orange County lies an underground world of import models and go-go dancers. You should check this out:

Nikita Esco in black boots I will … anyway … what kind of music do you like most?

Nikita Esco: Dance music, electro and also House music. Apart from this I’m an 80s Baby (laughing) and I grew up with bands like Mötley Crüe, Journey. Let’s get back to getting awesome … how important are High Heels and boots in your life?

Nikita Esco: Very, very important. Honestly High Heels are the foundation of each outfit. When I go out I start with the shoes … then I search for the right dress that fits to the shoes … (laughing) … honestly. I spend all my money on high heels and clothes. I think I’ve got more than 100 pairs and time after time I meet with my girls and we change clothes (laughing) Do you have special advices for our female readers to feel attractive?

Nikita Esco: Well, … let me guess … be confident … and believ in yourself! Mmhh … belive in yourself and dress yourself sexy … what else can I say? Nikki, thank you very much .. if you come over to Germany, I’ll invite you right here for a real great dinner with traditional German food …

Nikita Esco: Great! That’s a really good idea. I’m gonna do this. Thank you. Good luck for the future and I’ll checl out your show „Roll Models“ right after this interview … do you have a final statements for the German readers?

Nikita Esco:  Thank you very much, Dennis. (…) A final statement? (…) I want to come over to Germany! (laughing)

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