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Louisiana: The South, swanps, alligators, Bluegrass, cajun food … but in the middle of nowhere there’s a place called Youngsville which is definitely a city of beautiful girls, such as Malaya Doucet. We talked to the attractive model about dangerous shootings, special sights of the South and Ozzy Osbourne …

Interview: Dennis / Photos: Edward Leger Hi Malaya, let’s start with the city you live … Youngsville in Louisiana. Many models move over to NY, LA, Vegas or Miami. Why do you stay in Louisiana and is there something special about Youngsville?

Malaya: I would like to start off by saying thank you for giving me a chance to be apart of your magazine and bringing some of my Cajun SPICE!!!!! Back to your question, I love traveling to all those exciting cities but nothing is compare to Louisiana. It may not be a place to get notice are become a big star, but to me it is the place I call home. What I love and is special about Louisiana is our cajun food, southern belles, zydeco music and our culture. The South is also home of Blues, Bluegrass and Lynyrd Skynyrd. You like Ozzy Osbourne, if I’m right … What kind of music do you prefer?

Malaya: I have no specific preference in music!! I love all kinds of music, just as long as it rocks my Beats by Dre headphones. Blues, Rock, Country, Electro, R&B/Rap … they all rock. Besides … who’s your favourite Ozzy guitarist? Randy Rhoads, Zakk Wylde or Jake E Lee?

 Malaya: Of course it’s gonna be Randy Rhoads!! RIP Randy!! You worked for diverse model agancies and now you’re the co-captain of JUICY … can you tell us more about this agency?

Malaya: I have been apart of Juicy team for only a few months now. We are the Nr.1 dance team in the nation bringing along the best DJs, dancers and models. We perform at major events and EDM shows. Everyone needs to come join the „big movement“ JuicyEnt. In your portfolio there’s a great variety of different photos in different genres. Which style do you prefer?

Malaya: I love prefer editorial and fashion shoots. The Kennedy’s photo session for example was a fun shoot. It was a different look for me. The make-up, hair and clothes were on point. What’s the hardest part of being a model?

Malaya: Hmmmmm I would have to say the hardest part is trying to maintain the“model“ image. We are expected to look a certain way all the time. Besides that I love everything about the model life. In Louisiana there are lots of alligators … have you ever thought about a shooting with them?

Malaya: Yes we sure do have a lot of alligators. Never thought of shooting with them, those things BITE!!!! (laughing) What was your most dangerous or craziest shooting you’ve ever had?

Malaya: I just did a recent shoot on train tracks with an import car, hoping a train wouldn’t come. I have to say my shoot at Lake Martin where I had to sit on a chair with my feet in the muddy water, filled with alligators!!!! Do you have a Top-3-list of what a woman has to do or wear to look stunning and sexy?

Malaya: 1. Keep your body in shape by eating healthy and lots of exercise. 2. When dressing, always remember less isn’t always best. Let’s stay classy ladies. 3. Always believe you are beautiful and everyone will also see your beauty. What are your projects in the near future?

Malaya: I have a Import Car calendar coming out for 2014. IFO and HIN car shows appearance. ALEGRIA fashion show in August 17. Finally … I’ve never been to Youngsville. What are the main attractions and is it worth for me visiting your city?

Malaya: It’s one the fastest growing city around here. If you love the country feel, then you should deff take a trip down to this cajun land and try some of our cajun food. Let the good times roll „LAISSEZ LE BON TEMPS ROULER“ Malaya, thank you … maybe I really should visit Youngsville …

Malaya: Sure, you’re welcome!

Malaya Doucet on

Malaya Doucet on