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Starting as Penthouse Pet of the year 2013 gorgeous model Sunny Leone aka Karenjit Kaur Vohra started a successful career in the adult industry becoming a famous Pornstar. Starting 2004 she also appeared in mainstream movies and apart from beeing busy as an entrepreneuse with her own production company named Sunlust Pictures she also became a famous Bollywood Star in India. got the change to talk to the inimitable Brunette about her past in the Adult industry, her new movies, music and her memoires.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Pics by courtesy of Sunny Leone Sunny, you’re an entrepreneuse with your own company Sunlust Pictures, you’re acting in Bollywood productions and much more, you seem to be very, very busy …

Sunny Leone: That’s true, actually I just have 3 days off and even now I’m doing interviews (laughing). We’re working on a huge Bollywood production in India at the moment, then I fly to L.A. to see my family, then back to India … that’s the way it is. Regarding Bollywood … you’re very successful in India as a serious actress. How can you describe the transition to the mainstream movie industry?

Sunny Leone: Things just happened. After the show „Bigg Boss“ I got offers from India and I took these opportunities. You used to have a small role in „The girl next door“ etc. … Would you like to play in Hollywood movies?

Sunny Leone: Sure, if there’s a good offer from the US or Canada, I’ll be open-minded. At the moment I’m busy in India but of course I’d love to act in Hollywood movies as well. You used to be a famous pornstar. Some actresses in those movies are now successful in the mainstream entertainment biz … like Jenna Jameson. Aren’t there lots of prejudices?

Sunny Leone: Of course but I really don’t care. Apart from this I started my new serious career in India acting in Bollywood movies … and India is far away from the USA (laughing). If you take a look back at your career in the adult entertanment … do you regret something?

Sunny Leone: (laughing) Are you kidding? No, I regret nothing! I had such a great time being a Penthouse model and also with Vivid Entertainment. I learned alot and made such great experiences. I won awards, was part of the great expos in this business. It was amazing and I regret absolutely nothing at all. And now I start my new career in India and who knows … maybe also in the mainstream movies in the US. Jenna Jameson wrote her memoires very successfully: „PORNSTAR“. Are there any intentions writing your memoirs. I guess you have really interesting stories to tell?

Sunny Leone: (laughing) I do have interesting stories to tell, believe me … but actually at this time I’m too busy to write a book … but you’ll never know … maybe in the future. Besides … what kind of music do you like?

Sunny Leone: Honestly, I prefer this 80s-stuff such as AC/DC, Guns’n’Roses. This is my musical home … Bollywood productions are also full of singing and dancing … do you also have to dance and stuff?

Sunny Leone: Sure … it’s not Rock’n’Roll but it’s also fun … singing, dancing … I’m half Canadian, half Indian … so I really know how to do it (laughing). What’s your biggest challenge regarding movies etc.?

Sunny Leone: I’m living my dreams and my challenges right now. I really love what I’m doing. My past, my company, my family in L.A., traveling to India, coming back and so on. It’s perfect. That’s cool. I guess you’ve already been in Germany, right?

Sunny Leone: Yes. Actually my family and me, we plan to come over to Munich for vacation this year. I want to see Schloss Neuschwanstein and all those beautiful sights. I’ve already traveled to the Oktoberfest (laughing). Finally … to you have some great advices for our female readers what they have to do to look sexy and really attractive?

Sunny Leone: Beauty is coming from the inside … so if you eat and feel healthy you’ll feel attractive. Believe in yourself … and never forget your lip gloss (laughing). Sunny, great you took time to do the interview, thanks a lot and maybe I should give Bollywood a chance and watch a movie with you … I never really did before … (laughing)

Sunny Leone: You’re welcome. Just go ahead (laughing). Thank you and enjoy Germany.

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Sunny Leone: Thank you, Dennis.