Lucy Caffrey / Your Army

Regarding the release of the debut album „Ignite“ we scheduled an interview with the entire band inside their tour bus in Cologne. Meanwhile YOUR ARMY have been busy promoting the album especially in the UK live on stage but of course the guys are willing to come back to Germany again. I talked to singer Lucy Caffrey about the plans and the experiences on tour.

Interview/photo: Dennis Rowehl Hi Lucy, a couple of months ago you officially released your debut album „Ignite“, then you toured in Germany and the UK … how was the feedback on the album and was your UK-tour successful?

Lucy: I think our album „Ignite“ did really well, we were very happy with the feedback we had from gig crowds as well as the critics. There is always a worry when you put something out that is so personal that people are going to hate it! But everyone has been very positive so far so we are happy. Our UK tour went well but we definitely do better and are better received in Germany so we’re focusing on coming back to promote ourselves there. Are there further plans for shows in Germany … maybe next fall … again? I guess it really was fun for you guys?

Lucy: We will be coming back to tour Germany in November supporting Unzucht who we’ve played with before – awesome band and awesome guys. We can’t wait to come back, we had so much fun last time and we’re excited to see some old friends and introduce our music to new people. Germany is the perfect country for our music and a great place to be for nice people and tasty beer. (laughing) Are you already in the process of writing new material for another album or do you still promote the 1st album?

Lucy: A bit of both really. We are always promoting our debut album „Ignite“ but we have also started writing and experimenting with new material as we’re looking forward to a new project … on to the next! What are you doing … as a job … when you’re not making music?

Lucy: I work in a bar and drinks for a living, Chris runs a guitar shop, Simon is a chef and Andy plays drums in a functions band … not bad for our day jobs! We always make time to fit in rehearsals and writing sessions as being successful in Your Army is our ultimate goal, so the jobs are just to pay the rent. You’ve got a really good connection to Skunk Anansie … is it possible to support them on a couple of shows?

Lucy: We actually opened for them on their UK tour earlier this year for a few dates which was amazing. They have been role models for us for so long and have always been really supportive of our band so to play with them was a real priviledge. They’re also the nicest bunch of people you’ll ever meet! What will be the next great step in your musical career?

Lucy: We are excited to continue touring and recording. To be able to tour constantly and build up a solid fanbase in Germany is our next goal, we want to make the band our „dayjob“ and I think Germnay will be a great place to do that. Lucy, see you this fall … and we’ll have a beer …

Lucy: Yess … and thank you very much!

Tour dates:

21.11.2013 | KÖLN, Underground
22.11.2013 | BOCHUM, Matrix
23.11.2013 | HAMBURG, Logo
29.11.2013 | STUTTGART, Zentral
30.11.2013 | MÜNCHEN, Backstage
01.12.2013 | FRANKFURT, Nachtleben
05.12.2013 | GÖTTINGEN, Exil
06.12.2013 | BERLIN, Crystal
07.12.2013 | LEIPZIG, Moritzbastei