Helalyn Flowers on entertaim.net

Definitely the best album of Helalyn Flowers from Italy. The duo with vocalist Noemi really concentrated of fresh statements, a clear and also fresh sound and songs with 80s-roots. In fact Noemis’s voice reminds me of Dalbello and some songs woke up my associations to the album „She“ (by Dalbello). This time Helalyn Flowers got straight to the point also with hard guitars in the background, lots of excellent hooklines and a retro- but also fresh keyboard-sound. Alittle bit of Sisters of Mercy, Depeche Mode, Dalbelo and possibly even Type o’Negative with a great voice, a little darker and romantic. I can imagine that these arrangements with guitar will really rock on stage! The entire album is entertaining and apart from a strong album there are also some highlights such as „Before the sunshine“and my fave „Shake“. Besides „Utopia“ reminds me of Kate Bush and with „Lost in translation“ HF finally present a real 80s-dance-track. Hope to see them life with this album. Great album in the electro genre with 80s Pop and also heavy guitars!


Dennis Rowehl

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