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„Supernatural“-Star Jennifer Spence about Sci-Fi, her new movie „Down River“, the acting business and more …

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Photo: Soda Pop Photography  You have appeared in television shows such as „Supernatural”, “The Killing” and “Alcatraz“. Why do you think shows and films about sci-fi topics are so popular?

Jennifer Spence: I think it’s because the world of sci-fi is so rich and full of infinite possibilities and it’s always great subject matter for discussions. What are your plans and projects for 2013?

Jennifer: We just found out Continuum got a third season (yay!) so it won’t be long before we start shooting again! Also a film I did called „Down River“ which was written and directed by my husband Ben Ratner will be out soon, so we are very excited about sharing that with the world! You can find more info about it here: Sounds interesting. It’s a hard market for new actresses. What’s your recipe to become more and more successful?

Jennifer: I’d love to know what that recipe is! Because there are no guarantees in this business, I try to focus on what I do have control over and that is self-improvement. I keep studying the craft of acting by taking classes and try to get stronger and stronger as an actor. In Hollywood there’s a lack of inspiration regarding great new movie ideas, it’s a lot of remakes, vampires and stuff … . If you were a producer with an unlimited budget, what kind of movie would you create and what role would you like to play in this movie?

Jennifer: Oh jeez that’s a great question! I would love to create a movie that is super life-affirming where the characters all undergo personal transformations of various sorts. The role I’d like to play is one that really requires me to stretch as an actor. Which genre do you like most?

Jennifer: As long as it’s a strong story, I like any genre. In terms of my passion though, I’d have to say comedy (laughing). Thank you & good luck.

Jennifer: Thank you so much!