DAGOBA / Post Mortem Nihil Est (In Ear / Edel)

Dagoba on entertaimnet

Damn … what can I say? What can I write? Let’s start with the result: 5 of 5 points! Awesome album! Once again EAR Music got a feeling for a great band! Dagoba from France … NO … from Marseille … and Marseille is NOT really France people from Marseille used to tell me … anyway … the band itself mentioned to be influenced by Metallica and Pantera but honestly there’s not much Pantera and Metallica at all … maybe if you dig in history … so .. I’d dare to say DAGOBA are right between FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH (who are definitely inspired by Pantera) and of course GOJIRA! Right from the beginning DAGOBA persuaded the listener with a full force of pure wicked Metal, some tracks really go in the direction of Gojira, such as „The Realm Black“ and as mentioned tracks like „Yes we die“ or „The great wonder“ combine full power with melodic hooks and refrains … like Five Finger Death Punch … but definitely not exactly: DAGOBA really expose an extraordinary unique sound and the result is a great mixture between power and atmoshere and even sometimes influences of doom. I hope to see them on tour in Germany! F…ing awesome!


Dennis Rowehl