Five Finger Death Punch (c) Dennis Rowehl

Ghetto Metal or Martial Art Metal … who knows, who cares? „The Wrong Side Of Heaven And The Righteous Side Of Hell Vol. 1“, the 4th album, will come out on July 19th and I met Ivan Moody in Cologne to talk about the future album but also about weapons, American Capitalists and Ghetto Style in Metal.

Interview / Photo: Dennis Rowehl Welcome back in Germany. You already played two tours in Germany promoting your first two albums but you dind’t show up for „American Capitalist“. Why?

Ivan: Lack of time. Things in the US developed so well that we were busy playing the States. But this fall we’ll show up as supporter and hopefully in the beginning of next year we’re going to play a headliner tour in Europe. In the states we play huge stages with lights and fire but in Germany we haven’t been for years, so we have the plan to come back for our fans and building up a bigger fanbase. We want to bring pyros to give Germany a great show. That’s the idea! Well, there’s a big surprise on the new album … you covered LL Cool J …

Ivan: … feat. Teck N9ne .. a new hero in the States and a fucking bad ass, man … we tried it and it came out fantastic, it’s really brutal. I think it’s fun. So, what do you think? Yeah, it’s kinda cool. Anyway … you guys like that Ghetto Style, don’t you?

Ivan: I do, I really like that fucking style. So our style pisses people off, that’s awesome! You also celebrated that stuff on the cover of „Marican Capitalist“, big cars, chicks and stuff ….

Ivan: Yeah, … you know, back in the 80s … Heavy Metal was like cars and women, partying … and Rap took that over and Metal became very serious and it lost its fun … and it should be fun, so we wanted to bring it back. Live your life, you know. „American Capitalist“ sounds like the two albums before, so how hard is it to write different songs or are you kinda doomed to write this kind of songs?

Ivan: You always have to keep your core but on the other hand at the end of the day music is also about exploring new stuff. If you record a new album there will just be about 3 songs to try experimental things, so you’re right, it’s hard. So you have to make a double album to go to the deep end … but I think we do well. When you recorded your debut album, did you expect to become that successfull?

Ivan: No, especially cause of our name Five fucking Finger Death Punch … (laughing) but we just wanted to play the music we liked and still like and I’m glad that there are many people out there who like it, too! Thre was a big push since you’ve been in Iraq with the soldiers with guns … what about you? Do you collect weapons?

Ivan: I collect knives. Zoltan is the gun fanatic. I really like knives, I like to feel the steel, t’s a really unique weapon, it’s primitive. What do you think about the harder laws in the US redarding the right to have guns.

Ivan: Puh, I’m in the middle, you know. There should be laws that the wrong people don’t get them but on the other hand we’ve got the right to bear weapons and to protect ourselves, so I’m in the cntre but I don’t like talking about politics. My grandfather said: Dont‘ ever talk about politics … … and religion …

Ivan: … right, cause you can piss somebody off. So my opinions are mine and other people have the right to have their own …

… Then we talked about lyrics and especially about „I remember everything“, a really personal song about the bad things when he was a kid he went through (I’m not going to mention explicitely). He told me that this is a painful song and that he would never do to his kids what his parents did. Let’s come to the new album … how will the artwork look like?

Ivan: It’s a whole new idea, it’s totaly different from „American Capitalist“, it’s very impressing … be surprised! Ivan, was great to see you again. All the best with the new album.

Ivan: Thanks, man! We’re gonna play with Rob Zombie, that’ll be awesome. So, thank you very much!