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UK-Metal. REVERTED is a British metal band from Camden, London, formed in summer 2010 and the band is almost ready to release the debut album this June. We got the chance to pre-listen this cd and indeed these guys realy rock, that’s why we scheduled an interview and let drummer Ozzy talk about ambitions and the process to rock the world.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Pic by courtesy of REVERTED Hey Ozzy, you are going to release your debut album soon? How does this finally feel?

Ozzy: Right. The album has not come out yet, but by the end of this month. Anyway, the feeling so far is unlike anything we have ever created in the past specially when we get to hear it through some big and loud speakers. I think this album sounds huge and loud, we love how it behaves both in speakers and headphones because you can hear and feel all the elements working together in perfect balance, just as I imagined it to sound when we started writing it, or better… Are there any plans for a tour yet? In the UK, maybe for Europe?

Ozzy: Yes, Reverted has just signed with a new turing agency in Europe, I´m not revealing it´s name yet until we release the good news officially but I can say I have worked with these guys in the past with my previous band „Breed 77“ and they put together some of the best tours in Europe. We are already planning for our album UK tour in October. Also I most say, because we are a new band we will be doing a few support tours with some big bands out there to. Your album is pretty strong. So, how long took the recordings and the mastering?

Ozzy: We starting recording exactly in May last year and we got the finished master in March/April, so all together it took about 11 months from the first take to the delivered final master. As for the process of recording, we did everything in a matter of 3 months and what you hear is from a mix of 3 different countries; Mexico, England and Spain. Mixing took about one month all together but we had to wait a few months before the process started as our sound engineer was on tour with a band he works for as Front of House engineer. This process also involved my self as the band´s music producer of this album. After a rough mixing to get the ‚over all‘ balance right I joined him at the studio in Spain to direct the final details of the mix. This took one of the most painful weeks but also most productive weeks I have ever experienced. Putting two people with strong personalities to team and share ideas together is always a challenge. Mastering was done in Barcelona Spain and took all together about a couple of weeks but we also had to wait for a couple of months until they were able to work on our stuff. Is Ozzy your real name or are you just kinda addicted to the real Ozzy, the Prince of Darkness?

Ozzy: (laughing) Good question, actually my name is Oscar but ever since I moved to the UK I became Ozzy, thanks to a guitarist I used to play in a band with who couldn’t remember my name … „Where is that Ozzy drummer dude ??“ he used to say all the time until it was too late for me to make the correction as the name spread like a disease! Before I knew it everyone was calling me Ozzy and I didn´t mind that. Lately the name has slowly evolved into „O.C“ which I might as well stick to in order not to get me mistaken for the most awesome ¨Prince of Darness¨ It’s definitely a hard way for a newcomer band? What are your steps to promote yourself?

Ozzy: So far we have done everything ourselves, we all work as bartenders which is how we actually got meet each other. We still do that in order to be able to afford all this. I think it is a shame when an artist´s future depends entirely on money, because lets face it most of us are more on the penniless side but leaving it up to „luck“ will take you nowhere before you burn out and decide quit. We all believe there is also a way you can make things happen, it is not the most comfortable way for an artist because it involves hard work and dedication in something else a side your music, but it can mean a drastic change of direction towards where you want to get. These days is just silly to be a talented artist waiting to be discovered. Will there be a video soon?

Ozzy: Yes, our first single „Die my Saint“ which is at editing stages at the moment. I can anticipate it will involve Hell, Death and Madness. We are really looking forward to show the world what we are all about on stage ! Ozzy, thanks so far and see you in Germany.

Ozzy: You’re welcome … and I’m looking forward to come over to Germany!