ALICE IN CHAINS / The Devil put dinosaurs here (Capitol)

Alison Chains on

This ain’t the revival of Grunge .. this is simply the reincarnation of a great band! Stronger than ever … the self-titled album which has been released 4 years ago was definitely a huge comeback but 2013 Alison Chains also dared to step forward and start with a deep, powerful and dark song named „Hollow“ which reminds me of the strongest song of the last album: Check my brain! I never liked a whole Alice in Chains album at once BUT this time it’s different and the more I listened to „Dinosaurs“ the better the more I was getting inspired. Definitely the best AIC-album ever! „Voices“ got in the „jar of flies“ direction, so as some further tracks like „Scalpel“. The dark and typical heavy breathing sound of AIC dominates the entire album and leads a combination between the last self-titled album and „Jar of Flies“ to a new level. Lots of great songs to explore. But „Phantom limb“ really gives me the creeps .. what a blast!!! Right from the beginning AIC really kicked butt with an amazing album and an extraordinary sound!


Dennis Rowehl