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Metal meets model … Gorgeous US-Model Alicia Whitten talked about shootings, Metal, SEMA, the first female President of the United States … check it out:

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Photos by Ray Maloles by courtesy of Alicia Whitten Hi Alicia … First of all … I just checked your myspace site. There are lots of models listening to dance and electro music but you obviously like extreme Metal. That’s awesome! Do you have some fave bands and have you ever played in a band yourself?

Alicia: Yah! I love Metal, don’t really have a fave band. It honestly just depends on my mood. I do really like other types of music as well … but again (laughing) it depends on my mood. If you don’t know THE AGONIST yet, you should listen to them … great female voice !!!

Alicia: Will check them out. I promise!  You work in Las Vegas – some people say the hot and dusty Sin City. Do you like Vegas?

Alicia: I honestly am not really a huge Vegas girl. It’s fun once in a while, but I’m not too fond of what really happens out here. Vegas is also home of SEMA and you’re a famous model on car expos. By the way … what kind of car do you have?

Alicia: I have a Scion tC, nothing special. It’s manual, that’s the only cool thing about it (laughing). Had a 240 sx but had to sell it … looking to possibly get another one! What was your craziest shooting ever? And what kind of shooting you’ve never done before and you’d like to do as a personal challenge?

Alicia: I think one of my craziest shoots I have ever done was during winter time, I was at the beach and the water was freezing. My body became numb and my lips turned blue (laughing). Definitely not a good idea. I would really like to do a crazy fun shoot maybe snowboarding, skydiving or underwater, just something extreme! L.A. and Vegas are crowded by beautiful models and dancers. How hard is it to b special and different from all the average models?

Alicia: Well, I don’t think anyone one is better then anyone else really. I think everyone is different and special in their very own way … and somebody might think and feel that way about somebody as well. I guess, I might stand out to many people because I am super tom boy. I love adrenaline, love racing cars, working on cars, shooting guns, playing call of duty and I’m the kind of girl who would pick watching football with the guys over going shopping with the girls (laughing)! Are there current ambitions to act in a movie or Metal video?

Alicia: I tried acting, I honestly wish I could. But I feel I have a horrible memory … not too good at it! The last one … not to be taken that seriously. If you were President of the USA what would you try to change? Your Top-3-list? By the way … is it possible to have a female President?

Alicia: (laughing) Well, if I was President, I would stop abortions. Everyone would have a job and not be hungry and just make world peace. I don’t think girls should ever be President (laughing). Girls are way too emotional. They probably would want to start a war every month when they are on their cycle (laughing)

Alicia: Honestly ….not a good idea (laughing) Great finale statement (laughing), Alicia, thank you very much!

Alicia: Thank you …

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