Tom Keifer on entertaimnet

He used to be the head of CINDERELLA and now he’s back to restart his solo career with an amazing new album … songwriting at its best … and the process of recording took Tom Keifer many years … and he tells stories he’ve been through … positive and negative. talked to the Rock Star about his new album „The way life goes“, his vocal problems and about a new Cinderella album.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / photo by courtesy of the official pr agency and Warner Hi Tom, really awesome album … „The way life goes“, I wrote that’s the real 3rd Cinderella album and it received 5 of 5 points:

Tom: Thank you very much. The reviews especially here in Germany are very positive. Did you expect this?

Tom: It’s always nice to read positive reviews. I really hoped people would like it cause the whole recordings and production took about 10 years … with the process of writing even 17 years (laughing) You’re kiddin‘ …

Tom: I grew up with Blues, Country and the traditional American songwriter stuff like Tom Petty. I like Zeppelin, the Stones and more and this album contains lots of things I was going through. You wrote lots of really great ballads like „Don’t know what I got till it’s gone“ and more … I think it’s really hard to write a real good ballad … I mean not these mainstream ballads for the radio but real deep ballads. How do you write these ballads where the listener feel that it’s real?

Tom: It’s not the way that I spend the time with an instrument to force ideas to come out. This doesn’t work. Ideas are coming when they come, sometimes just a headline, a hook … the songs have to come to me, then I write the lyrics and the whole song. Are you still in contact with the guys from all the 80s-bands?

Tom: Well, many of those bands play lots of shows and we meet on festivals, talking of the old times and stuff like this but apart from this everybody lives in different places all over the USA … so we just hang out at shows and festivals. You had lots of problems with your vocal chords … but on your album you can’t hear anything, your voice seems to be stronger than ever.

Tom: That’s true, I had many problems in the past but things are doing well at the moment. I’ve got a brillant vocal coach and he taught me some technics which were not easy to learn. I did a hard job to learn how to practice these technics but you’re right … the voice is reliable and stronger than ever. I had many crack-ups in the past but I’ve got vocal therapies and vocal trainings every day for about half an hour. And I’ve got to take care especially on tour. Being on tour must be hard work with such a working schedule?

Tom: I’m very busy with interviews, vocal training, press dates and more and there are not that many days off … but in the 80s we were busy, too … but of course we were more careless and everything was crazy (laughing) One last question … after an amazing solo album … will there be another CINDERELLA-album, maybe in 2 years?

Tom: Mmhh … who knows? Not at this time … everything must fit then …. Tom, thank you very much.

Tom: Thank you for the great review. Take care …