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Whatever it is … whatever it takes … regarding the new album „The sun comes out at night“ of course I let Richard Patrick and Jonny Radke talk about the new album … but not that much … so the talking leads us from a sunbath in Florida to vampires, acting in a movie and stuff like this.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Pic by courtesy of Oktober Promotion You guys have an extended tour to play, so it’s not gonna be boring. I read that you’ve got 3 days off in Ft. Meyers, Florida. Will you enjoy the beaches?

Richard: I don’t mind getting a little bit of sun but I’m not the beach boy. There lots of other things to do. I’m from Southern California, so I’m familiar with the sunny weather. Maybe we go to the movies (laughing). Your new album is kind of a combination with your past … Hey Man, nice shot … and more mainstream and tame songs. What’s behind this idea of mixing it together?

Jonny: We wanted to go back to the old Industrial style but also explore new ways.

Richard: Absolutely. With some sounds we got back to our roots, to the Industrial roots and we lead this sound into the 21st century. I think this is the best Filter ever and we have a new and fresh sound. Since Jonny joined the band we wrote new songs and spent a lot of time in the studio, he was an incredible gift for the band.

Jonny: I’m very proud of this album. We went into the studio September 2012 and the whole recordings have been finished this March.

(Then Richard left for another appointment) So are you responsible for the new way of Filter?

Jonny: We wrote the songs together. Of course it’s great to have songs which can be played on the radio but we wrote the songs the way how we felt at the moment. We just wanted to be creative and satisfy our own needs. Some songs have a commercial appeal but not on purpose. The album contains different directions and we’re proud of it. You joined FILTER September 2011, how did this feel?

Jonny: I liked Filter, NIN, Marilyn Manson and when Rich asked me to join the band, this was great and something I always wanted to do. I’m from Chicago and Rich and I knew each other for many years. It’s great working with him. You’re from Chicago … so you’ll hang out at the beaches of Fort Myers?

Jonny: (laughing) I will, but not for a long time, I’m more the vampire guy … „Hey Man nice shot“ appeared in the movie „Demon Knight / Tales from the Crypt“. Are there any ambitions to appear on another movie with a song from the new album?

Jonny: Absolutely! We love to do that. There are lots of songs that could be part of a soundtrack or the music for trailers. Have you both ever thought about acting in a movie?

Jonny: Ha! Yesterday we have talked about it! We did the video „What do you say“ and talked exactly about this. What kind of movie? Horror? Tarantino-stuff …

Jonny: That’ll be awesome. I’m not experienced but a small role in a Tarantino movie would be something … or a small Horror movie … You’re the vampire guy … what about „Vampire Diaries“?

Jonny: (laughing) I love especially the old vampire movies like „Lost Boys“. You know that movie … Sure …

Jonny: That’s a cool vampire life (laughing) Jonny, thanks so far and good luck with your tour. Maybe we see in Germany … or maybe on TV … Vampire Diaries …

Jonny: (laughing) Thank you very much!

Current line-up: Richard Patrick, Jonny Radtke, Phil Buckman, Jeff Fabb, Jeff Friedl, Elias Mallin

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