LAURIE WILLIAMS / UK-Glam, Maggy Thatcher and the bum of Cheryl Cole

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Modeling, great cars, David Beckham, Maggy Thatcher and the bum of Cheryl Cole … interview with gorgeous UK model Laurie Williams.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Photos: Stacey Clarke (by courtesy of Laurie Williams) First of all … do you look like Cheryl Cole or does she look like you (laughing)?

Laurie Williams: I’m not sure – well,  I guess our features are quite similar ….. I’m sure I have the better bum (laughing)! You can be right! Well, you did lots of shootings in the car industry and also for wedding magazines … what’s better? Do you like to see yourself in wedding dresses?

Laurie: I do prefer the car industry – I’m a bit of a sucker when it comes to nice cars – I’m still yet to shoot with a Crystallised Range Rover Sport – that project needs to be arranged ASAP!!! Any dealerships fancy collaborating? (laughing) What are your projects for this year?

Laurie: I’m not one for plans – I will just take the year as it comes – I’m quite keen to do some more nude stuff and I’ve suddenly become in love with tattoos so who knows !! Glam- and lifestyle mags from the UK look different like American mags, especially the post production. Are there any differences in the working process between photographers from different countries?

Laurie: No, in my experience, photographers have been pretty similar. All dedicated to what they love to do and they all seem to have the same amount of enthusiasm. Obviously different photographers have different styles. American photographers remind me of being more „old school“ compared to some in the UK. What’s the best part of being a model?

Laurie: I love travelling and meeting new people – it’s exciting. It can be hard work and tiring sometimes but definitely all worth it. I love to inspire new models and give them advice on how to achieve the best photograph. What kind of shooting you are going to do so badly or as an ultimate challenge?

Laurie: I have recently started doing nude. It was a challenge to relax at first but now I am finding it sooo fun!!! Please tell what you’ve got in mind in impulse:

a) Maggie Thatcher

Laurie: Girl Power (laughing) b) James Bond

Laurie: Shaken not Stirred c) Gender mainstreaming

Laurie: (laughing) I’m confused d) Sexiest man alive

Laurie: David Beckham That’s British …

Laurie: (laughing) Laurie, thank you so far … and enjoy your new way of shootings. Good luck!

Laurie: Thanks, Dennis

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