Kitty in a casket on entertaimnet

It’s time to rock the USA … KITTY and her band from Austria are willing, able and ready to do and to rock whatever and whenever they want! A new cd as excess baggage, a coffin for the night and an axe for self defence … I talked to Kitty about Horrorbilly, Horror movies, Horror shows, acting, the USA and much more …

Interview: Dennis Rowehl Hi Kitty, okay … it’s a little strange for a German guy interviewing an Austrian singer in English (laughing) but anyway … you’ve got a big international fanbase … so let’s try this. You’re going to play some shows in the USA. Are you excited?

Kitty: Hey. Yeah, strange indeed, but strange tends to be better than normal, I think. Well, a USA tour is being planned out right now. We will be overseas for a month and of course we all are crazy excited. I’ve been to the USA quite some times, as I was an exchange student in Minnesota for half a year, back when I was 16 years old and. one time there makes you always want to go back. So, I can’t wait to make a road trip through the USA and get to play shows there! That’s a dream come true. I think so! Is there also a European tour in progress to promote your new album „Bittersweet“?

Kitty: Actually we will play a lot of Europe shows in 2013, mostly in Austria and Germany, but we also plan on going to Switzerland, Slovakia and Czech Republic again. I guess throughout the years there will be plenty of additional shows. So make sure to keep yourself updated on our homepage or Facebook page. Horror-Punk, Psychobilly, Horrorbilly is certainly a special market but the fanbase is absolutely true. Do you live this lifestyle with tattoos, Hot Rods, fashion of the 50s and 60s etc. also at home?

Kitty: I am very much into Hot Rods and old cars, but the major problem with driving one is fitting into parking lots here in Vienna. Especially for me! (laughing) But who knows, maybe in a few years, I’ll get one! When it comes to my house it doesn’t really have a lot of style, but that’s because I am lazy and very lame when it comes to decorating. Where do you get your inspirations for your lyrics? From Horror movies and stuff like this? By the way … you don’t sleep in a coffin, do you?

Kitty: I usually only write about things I experience myself, in real life or in my dreams. Of course also horror movies inspire me but there is always a part of myself in my lyrics. Oh, and what a question … of course I sleep in a coffin. No way! That’s weird!

Kitty: (laughing) What are your musical plans for 2013? Do you have any expectations regarding the feedback on „Bittersweet“?

Kitty: First of all: Releasing the CD and tour a lot. I hope later this year we’ll also have a bigger European tour. It’s kinda hard to tell, how 2013 is gonna be. So far it’s really great and of course I hope it even gets better. When it comes to the feedback I’d love loads of it! (laughing) On the album cover you’re dressed like an angel with an axe? Are you personally more the angel or the deuce?

Kitty: I would say my lyrics can tell you a lot about me and my personality, when you listen close enough. Also the cover makes it obvious, as you already noticed: Maybe a little bit of both (angel and devil). I read that you like Megan Fox. Have you ever met her? Besides. Do you like to act in a movie and did you get any offers?

Kitty: Oh, right, I said that somewhere. No, I never met her. I just think she looks kinda hot. So far, I didn’t get any movie offers but I don’t think I’d make a good actress, but who knows, I’d really like to participate in a horror movie one day – as a vampire or a monster or some kind of creepy creature. I also got the chance to act a little bit on our music video to “Dancing with the Devil” (Bittersweet), which really was a lot of fun. Hopefully you play a vampire soon … at least you’re very experienced regarding sleeping in a coffin (laughing). Alright, good luck, enjoy America and sse you in a movie soon!

Kitty: (laughing) Thank you!