DROWNING POOL / Unique with different faces

Drowning Pool on ENTERTAIMNET

One band, different singers … one sound that’s unique! We met tattooed guitarist C.J. Pierce to talk of the challenge to change the face of the band, wrestling, chicks :-), videos and the special sound of Drowning Pool …

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Photo: David Jackson

entertaim.net: C.J., nice to meet you … I just listened to your new album … it’s pretty cool …

C.J.: Thanks, man …

entertaim.net: Well, it’s the fourth singer right now …

C.J.: (laughing) Yeah, crazy, isn’t it?

entertaim.net: How hard is it to remain unique and to sound like Drowning Pool?

C.J.: Well, we are together for about 15 years now and we wrote a lot of songs, so we create our typical sound but anyway with a new singer it’s always a new challenge cause each singer brings new influences and ideas, so it’s a roller coaster for sure but I think the new cd sounds like the first cd …

entertaim.net: Well, I like that you don’t have so-called modern influences like dub-step etc. … so if I take a look at the latest Papa Roach album it’s full of electronic hypes and fashionble knickknack and stuff … too smooth, too mainstream, you guys did not need this … ?!

C.J.: Yeah. We keep on playing Metal and more traditional stuff, of course there are lots of new toys regarding the sound … if this makes sense in the song, we’ll be open-minded … but we don’t use electronic stuff just because it’s fashionable. Anyway … I think we’re not a band which follow the trends, we definitely have our own sound.

entertaim.net: Even with different singers (laughing) …

C.J.: (laughing) … even with different singers … isn’t it weird? Our new singer Jasen Moreno has such a great voice that we feel that we can do everything, so he opened up the doors for us to do more things and he’s a great guy all around.

entertaim.net: You’ve got a good connection to the Wrestling scene and you’re on tour with Fozzy feat. Chris Jericho … did you ever try to wrestle?

C.J.: Chris is a nice guy and we love to be on tour with Fozzy. They are all great guys and awesome musicians. But I won’t ever mess up with him, I guess he’s a very strong guy (laughing).

entertaim.net: What’s the best part for you to be on tour?

C.J.: I mean, we don’t have so much time for sight seeing and walking around, if we have a day off we do radio shows and interviews, it’s always a „go, go, go“ … press dates, warming up, playing the show, hang out with the guys, having some beers … but I like it! I like the unhealthy diet on tour … sandwiches and cold beer! (laughing)

entertaim.net: Do you like to play with some really huge bands?

C.J.: I want to play with everybody … well, I’d like to play with Metallica, Iron Maiden … not just to play with them but also to watch their shows. I like music, I listen to music all the time and I also love to watch concerts … live and on dvd as well. I would watch them every night.

entertaim.net: I’ve got something different for you … do you have a Top-5 or Top-3-list of your most beautiful women?

C.J.: (laughing) Oh wow … of course my wife!

entertaim.net: Okay, she’s number one … so who’s number 2 and 3?

C.J.: Well, I like Zooey Deschanel … she’s an talented actress and singer, I like her voice, her music, her style very much. Mmhh, well, I’m on a bus of dudes and they talk about …

entertaim.net: … chicks …. (laughing)

C.J.: (laughing) Actually we’re just talking about music …

entertaim.net: If you guys were Judas Priest your lead singer would talk about guys ….

C.J.: (laughing)

entertaim.net: How important is it to make a cool video?

C.J.: It becomes more and more important. Once we got MTV, then it became less important but now with the internet it’s a relevant vehicle to spread your music and to become more and more famous. So it makes sense to have a great video. Everybody is on the internet! And it’s fun. You know our video „One finger and a fist“, there are chicks beating the shit outta each other … you’ve got to watch this …

REMARK: After the interview I wanted to check out the video BUT IT WAS NOT AVAILABLE IN GERMANY !!! … THANKS to the GEMA for being greedy and not letting us watch cool videos … so apart from NORTH KOREA we’re the only country in the medial STONE AGE …

entertaim.net: Do you have a final statement for Germany?

C.J.: Sure, it’s a long time ago we’ve been over here, it’s a great country, we love it, we love the people and I’d like to come over again for vacation to see all the sights! Thank you very much … come over and have a drink with me after the show! I’ll be around!

entertaim.net: That’s a good one … C.J., thanks, was nice talking to you!

C.J.: Thank YOU … and I hope you’ll enjoy the show!