FOZZY / Heavy Metal Wrestling

Chris Jericho and Dennis Rowehl

Chris Jericho, WWE-Star with musical ambitions named FOZZY. With pure Rock’n’Roll he’s storming the stages of the world. We met Chris in Cologne and talked about Fozzy, Wrestling and more.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Photo: Yannick Rowehl Great show, Chris … looked more like a headliner than a support show.

Chris Jericho: Well, it’s a co-headliner show. Fozzy fans get the chance to listen to Drowning Pool and people who have never lisitened to us get the chance to see us live. I just saw one of your merchandise shirts with the print „Lady Gaga must be destroyed“. So you hate her?

Chris: No, I love her! If I can give her a shirt she’ll probably wear it (laughing). It’s just a good marketing slogan … But she’s not gonna sue you …

Chris: Not yet! (laughing) I read that you don’t wrestle anymore but I just heard that you had a WWE show not a long time ago …?

Chris: Well, I just wrestle whenever we have a break with FOZZY, FOZZY is the priory right now but in London we had a day off and so I joined the WWE show, I can arrange both together, for one or two shows … it works. So what’s better for your personally … wrestling in front of a big audience or being on stage as the lead singer?

Chris: I love being on stage in front of a crowd, it’s the best feeling in the world. But you’ve got a big crowd on the WWE tours, too …

Chris: Yeah, yeah, yeah! Exactly but it was out to when I was kid I wanted to be in a Rock’n’Roll band and I also wanted to be a wrestler, these were my two dreams … and I played in bands since I was 14 years old, I never stopped playing in bands but wrestling took up first and we’ve been doing this band since 1999 and now things are going pretty well for us and the band became the first priority for all of us. Where do you see your origin?

Chris: I guess we sound like a bastard three way child of Journey, Metallica and AC/DC … this is Fozzy. We play really heavy riffs with melodic vocals. We fit to lots of bands, we played with Soil, Drowning Pool, Bullet for a Valentine, Metallica and Anthrax cause we’ve got a a different style other bands don’t have. I heard you’ll play in Wacken?

Chris: Yes, it’s the first time for us. It’s a big advantage for us to play this big show in Germany. You know, we played a lot of tims in England and everybody knows us right there, we played lots of festivals, on the main stage right before Slayer and Anthrax. England: They know, Germany: We’re just starting to build! Now we get the chance to play Wacken! When you’re on tour with the band … are you pumping iron to remain in a good shape or something?

Chris: I’m not pumping iron but I do lots of workouts and yoga, push-ups and stuff. This is basically how we train. What about special nutritions?

Chris: We don’t really eat how other bands eat … so no fast food and stuff … What about liquor and beer?

Chris: Well, mostly I drink vodka … vodka and water. No calories, no sugar (laughing) Okay, thanks so far, so good luck and enjoy Wacken …

Chris: Thanks, man …