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As we all know Sweden ain’t just the home of moose, blonde chicks and Ikea BUT also home of great music … Dirty Rock’n’Roll, Glam Metal, Death Metal and Thrash at its best … and so we’re talking about newcomer THE RESISTANCE who are quite not newcomers at all cause of lots of experiences with bands like IN FLAMES … so, newcomers who are not newcomers who play old school Thrash  that’s kinda new school … interesting and really heavy stuff … check this out! Interview with Jesper Stömblad.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Pic by courtesy of EAR-Music Hey Jesper, great new album called „Scars“. You also received a great review by us regarding the EP. How are the expectations regarding the new entire album which is gonna be released this May?

Jesper: Thanks so far! Yeah, the feedback was really awesome! Expectations? Well, we expect to make a great album and to be a little different and to sound fresh. I think we up-dated Old School Death Metal with a fresh sound. We’re happy about the result and hope the reviews will be as great as the EP reviews. Besides … we’re really happy with our label EAR-Music and the support of the promo agencies. Unfortunately you canceled the Germany-Tour for any reasons?

Jesper: Yes, at this time we can’t do it for some logistic reasons but we’ll play some festivals such as ROCKHARZ. I remember Crucified Barbara used to play there. Are you familiar with the girls?

Jesper: Sure, we’re like friends. I read that you kinda hate band biographies and stuff?

Jesper: Well, not really but you know … we all played in different bands like IN FLAMES and now it’s about THE RESISTANCE, so our musical past should not matter that much … that’s it. The debut album is entitled „Scars“ … where are the lyrics about? Politics or more personal, human stuff?

Jesper: Exactly … our lyrics are not revolutionary and about politics. They are about personal things like people we love, people we hate, addiction, human situations and more. Some songs are very personal, that’s why I love the lyrics. Do you have some band rituals … maybe right before entering the stage?

Jesper: Ähh … not really … but wait … sometimes before entering the stage Marco (Aro), our singer, is a little nervous and we all don’t like waiting. Then I still buy Jack and Coke, offer Marco a drink and he feels much better (laughing). This is our ritual. Lots of singers don’t drink before the show cause of the voice. Isn’t this a problem for him?

Jesper: Absolutely NOT! He’s great on stage after Jack and Coke (laughing). What’s the best part of METAL?

Jesper: Well, Metal is timeless! There are lots of trends that come and go but Metal is forever … a great singer, a drummer, bass and 2 guitarists! That’s it! Is there any band you’d like to support on tour?

Jesper: SLAYER! I used to support them with In Flames … yeah, Slayer are cool!

(Jeff Hannemann … RIP) … this interview has been scheduled one week before Jeff died … the Metal Brotherhood will miss you! Did you hang out with those guys after the shows?

Jesper: Yes … especially with Kerry King. He‘ s the social and party guy who likes to hang out after the shows having some drinks etc. Jeff Hannemann loves his Heineken (laughing). What’s your favourite drink?

Jesper: I don’t drink that much but when I drink I prefer Gin Tonic, it’s like lemonade (laughing). Jesper, thanks so far … hope you’ll play your tour maybe this fall. See you then …

Jesper: Thanks, Dennis