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The new DEBAUCHERY album „Kings of Carnage“ is ready to be released and as usual … the album will be bloody! Monsters, creatures and of course Blood Babes are the protagonists of the visions of mastermind Thomas Gurrath who’s ready to strike again. So we scheduled a phone call to get more details regarding the new album, the addiction to artificial blood and future plans.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Photos by courtesy of Debauchery Thomas, do you have a release date for the next Debauchery album yet?

Thomas: Yes, the new album „Kings of Carnage“ will be released August 2nd on Massacre Records. We have already finished the whole process of recording, mastering and even the artwork. There will be a release on vinyl, cd with digipak or jewel case. You’ve already released some bloody artworks on your facebook site. How do you create these pictures, do you have some models, splattered with artificial blood, to get these inspirations? (laughing)

Thomas: Most of the „people“ on my photos are display dummies, I paint them with acrylic paint and then a photographer takes the photos, I do the post production then. After this process I add some creatures as well. BUT … the Blood Babe is real … and full of artifical blood … of course (laughing). So, there’s a new tour for promoting the album in progress?

Thomas: Definitely next fall we play  some shows. Actually we play many shows at the time, but almost at the weekends. This makes more sense and we’ll play a couple of festivals this summer. The main market of course is Germany but we also play in Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and even France becomes a really good market as well. Are there any plans for supporting a bigger band for a bigger audience?

Thomas: Actually I’m working on it. In the Death Metal section it’s not that easy to find the right band. The Tampa old school bands do have their own old school audience and these guys are not that open-minded for new stuff. I’d like to support bands like Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth or Amon Amarth. There are different kinds of metal heads, different ages etc. That’ll be absolutely something but unfortunately we’re not the only band with ambitions to support them … so, this could be very hard (laughing) Are you working on a new video?

Thomas: Sure! I always like to do videos. What kind of video? Some serious stuff like „Animal Holocaust“ or just this splatter thing?

Thomas: (laughing) I guess this time it will be more senseless splatter stuff with creatures like dragons eating human beings and stuff like this. I’ve got lots of ideas in mind but I can’t tell you at this time because I don’t know if we are able to realize all those ideas. If you had an unlimited budget to do the video of your dreams how would it look like?

Thomas: Honestly, I’d like to do a very violent and brutal fantasy movie like „World of Blood Gods“, the way I described in the 2 Carnage books and in the lyrics of Debauchery. Lots of monsters, battles and bloody stuff like this! Unfortunately I don’t have an unlimited budget, so I’m not able to realize such a huge video, so I „just“ have naked chicks and bloody babes in the videos (laughing) … no monsters, but very attractive eye catchers! You just mentioned the books called „Carnage“ … can you tell more about this?

Thomas: This books contain lots of stories where I also got the ideas for the Debauchery lyrics. Lots of artworks and pictures and the rules for the „Debauchery“ table top game are also included! Wow, so you seem to busy by doing almost everything on your own?

Thomas: Definitely, but it’s also fun! Thomas, thanks so far and we’ll continue the interview regarding the album release this August. Maybe we’ll meet on tour …

Thomas: Sure! Thank you and see you.

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