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A model who sings … this sounds like a cliche‘ and a mainstream career and the amazing and famous Braun Silk-epil campaign is the best assumption for acting in a great music video but Sofie Winterson doesn’t sing or play mainstream POP music neither she’s willing to sing senseless songs. Quite the contrary … she studies music and makes high demands on herself. talked to Sofie about the symbiosis between music and modeling.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Photo by courtesy of Gordeon Music Hi Sofie. First of all let’s start with the obligatory reference to your TV spot for Braun Silk-epil … this is certainly a good hook for starting a musical career, isn’t it?

Sofie: (laughing) Well, this collaboration with Braun is indeed a very beautiful and exciting way to share my music with the world! Of course some people say that’s kind of a cliche‘ that a model uses her popularity and media appearances for a musical career. What do you think about this?

Sofie: Of course I can’t speak for other girls but I always saw myself as a musician in the first place since I started making music at a very young age. Modeling for me was a very great way to see the world and gain experience. I learned a lot being a model. You study music in Amsterdam. Does this academic background influence your kind of writing songs?

Sofie: Before I studied music I already was a songwriter but at the conservatory you learn to refine your style of writing. You also learn a lot of different approaches to writing music like writing for another artist. I don’t think it influences your kind of writing but you do learn a lot of extra skills. Apart from this aacademic view of music  … do you have musical idols?

Sofie: I have a lot of different kind of idols. Some artist I admire for their stage presence, some for their songwriting, some for their beautiful voice and some for there creativity. Some of my favorite artist andbands are:  The Bird and The Bee, Arcade Fire, Beach House, Feist, The XX, The Band, Little Dragon and of course The Beatles! I’ve got to ask this … as we all know sex sells … so for some video productions in your musical future, will you combine music with your feminity and sensuality or are you going to try to set the focus just on your music?

Sofie: (laughing) The main focus is on the music but the way you present you music … art work, videos, pictures … is also very important. With that framework around your songs you can show the audience before hearing your music what kind of story you want to tell, so it really has to fit each other. Okay … well, are there any plans for a tour and live shows in progress?

Sofie: Definitely! At this moment I am rehearsing a lot with my band and the live show is ready to show our audience! From may on you can see us play live. We hope to come to Germany soon! That’ll be something! Apart from your music will you keep on modeling?

Sofie: At this time my full focus is on music but you never know… Thank you very much, maybe we’ll see on tour!

Sofie: Dennis, thank you …

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