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No black out in the redroom but „Black out the sun“! SEVENDUST are storming the US album charts again with their powerful unique sound and apart from traditional Sevendust tracks they’ve got some surprises on the new album. I talked to drummer Morgan Rose about plans for touring Europe, the recording process of the brand new album, friendship and guitar solos.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl, pic by courtesy of Warner I remember when I heard your album „Home“ for the first time I was very impressed by the dry, honest and powerful sound which is still the typical unique sound of SEVENDUST. How did you create this?

Morgan: We used to have so many diverse styles and we did lots of rehearsals and we just created this style … it was just a question of chemistry between us. Jay Jay French (ex Twisted Sister) was the executive producer … are you still in contact with him?

Morgan: Sure we are, from time to time we meet him in New York City. Your new album „Blackout the sun“ is very successful, especially in the USA you got really good album charts positions … are there any plans for touring Germany yet?

Morgan: You know what … we really have to come over to Germany and Europe. For us it’s not about making money but it’s about not losing money … we all have a family and bills to pay. So we have to play an entire tour and fests like „Rock am Ring“ and „Rock am Park“. It doesn’t make sense to come over just to play one week or so. We used to play with Shinedown and that was great. The USA is our strongest market but we got lots of great reviews in Europe, so actually we have to come over and also we have to play in South America as well. We’re a live band and we convince people by playing live. We wanna destroy shit! (laughing) I guess we’ll have some meetings soon to plan a tour … Is success regarding the songwriting and the album production predictable?

Morgan: This time it was definitely different. We recorded right from the scratch and the whole recording just took 5 weeks. 5 weeks! This seemed to be rediculous but the last times we took and wasted too much time on overthinking and working on the tracks and recordings ever and ever again. Why just 5 weeks? Was it your decision or the direction of the record company?

Morgan: This was our decision to get straight to the point. Most of the new stuff is the typical unique sound of Sevendust but there also some new influences like Metalcore on tracks like „Faithless“ …

Morgan: Oh yeah … I like this heavy shit! You’re right, we almost have our midtempo songs but this time we also recorded this heavy stuff with modern Metalcore influences with extra screams (laughing). Almost 20 years of SEVENDUST … almost no changes regarding the line-up … is this one key of the success? And is it still fun hanging out with your boys?

Morgan: (Laughing) I hate ‚em! Honestly, I can’t stand those guys! (still laughing) It’s not about success, it’s just fun playing with those guys and doing some jam sessions. It’s about friendship and we’re like a big family. It’s still fun hanging out with them, drinking a couple of beers and stuff … Back in the 90s it wasn’t fashionable to play guitar solos, now it’s different and you definitely have real guitar solos on the new album (…)

Morgan: Yeah, we grew up this Maiden, Priest, Metallica and especially Clint loves the super guitarists and was a little frustrated not to be able to play solos right in the beginning. It’s was not fashionable to play solos but he was able to play great ones. Fortunately now it’s different! Thanks so far, unfortunately time’s up. Morgan … hope to see you live in Germany soon.

Morgan: I think so … Best and thanks for the interview.

Morgan: Best to Germany, see ya …

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