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Let’s intruduce a (rather) newcomer band from Slovenia: Bohem, a group of 5; lead singer Matic Jere, bass guitarist Dejvi Kotar, guitarist Simon Subic, drummer Damir Pavlic and on keyboards is Manca Pinteric. By Rock Schmidt / Photo: Matevz Kostanjse There are plenty of bands all over the world. What makes you different from other Rock bands … especially in your home county Slovenia?

Matic Jere: We think that the main thing that makes us different are strings and choires in our music. Right now we are finishing our third album and we just can’t make it without them – even if only on two or three songs. Talking about albums – your third album shall be released soon. How was your develpment from your debut album until now?

Matic Jere: Well, when we went to studio for our first album, we knew almost nothing about making an album. We were like Alice in wonderland and everything seemed so amazing. It was such a great feeling when we heard our own music recorded in studio. And when the album was released, we were so proud that we thought: ‚This is it! We made it!‘ But it was only the beginning. The hard work came after that: We were unknown garage band which used to play 80’s hits and suddenly we had to get our own music on radio, TV and especially get live concerts. Through all these years till now we’ve worked very hard and we still have to, but at the same time we are really proud of ourselves because we made that with our own music and our own mind. We also learned a lot and got a lot of experiences – that’s why we don’t complain about nothing that we had to do. What has been your biggest success yet?

Matic Jere: Absolutely the single from our first album, ‚On je jaz‘. We released it in 2006 and it’s still the greatest hit on our concerts. Also, the video has over 500.000 views on Youtube, which is a great success for Slovenia. What about your future plans?

Matic Jere: First of all we would like to promote our last single ‚Nihče iz vesolja‘. Than we’d like to have as much concerts as possible so that we could show more songs from our third album to our fans. Album will be released in September this year and we are really excited about how our fans will take it. Maybe we hear more about you soon. Thanks so far.

Matic Jere: Thank YOU.