Grande Roses / Extra Spice And A Bit More Raw

Grande Roses

Again is proud to deliver hot news from the swedish music scene. This time we introduce GRANDE ROSES – a bunch of wild rockin‘ guys,  bringing out one of the best rock debuts this year: DISEASE. With their dirty and dark hard rocking songs, mixing the loud electric guitar with memorable melodies from the dark heart of singer Göran Andersson,  they are about to explore Germany. We give you a hint: hear and see their impulsive, great new song „Radio Heartbreak“! We talked to singer and songwriter Göran…

interview by Martin Hannig / Photo: Robin Lindqvist/Grande Roses I just watched your „Radio Heartbreak“ video, where the band is playing the song in a white and dark room with neon lights behind.  Where was it shot?  Could be an underground garage 😉 Did you have a director?

Göran: It was shot in a garage with the almighty Henrik Rostrup as director. Please tell us something about the history of GRANDE ROSES. When did you started, and where did you Göran got to know the other guys in the band? Why did it last some years to bring out your music?

Göran: Me and Johan started out about ten years ago in duved, in the middle of nowhere. After a few years we brought in the other guys as well. I didn’t know anyone of them before. But Johan and the others are friends since way back.  We’ve been releasing EPs, and I really like that format. Unfortunately the industry don’t have enough room for it so… We had to make an album. That turned out to be pretty fun as well. Did you sang in another band before GRANDE ROSES? Because your voice is quite remarkable. 

Göran: No… I tried to play some covers but I couldn’t play that well and always forgot the lyrics. So I had to start my own band. It’s been said that you signed to major label EMI, but they quit it before the production of „Disease“. How did that affected your recordings?

Göran: It added some extra spice. And some changes in the lyrics in the last minute. Probably we sound a bit more raw and not som polished. Listening to „Disease“ I hear a hard rocking record, but with some dark or „gothic“ (whatever that means) influences. Which is a very unique mix. How would you describe your first album? Are thery any artists which you would say to be a major influence on your work? 

Göran: I think the biggest thing about our sound is that I do all the writing and the band add their thing to it afterwards. I have tons of influencial films, bands, songs, art, but I don’t have a band that has been my guiding star. I have 100. Dead Kennedys, Dinosaur JR, 8 Dayz, Union Carbide, Sub Society, Bad Brains, Public Enemy, Ksmb, Roky Ericsson, Paper, Black Flag, Cream, Bob Hund, Silverbullit, Jethro Tull, Neko Case, Joy Division, Beach Boys, Operation Ivy, AC/DC, Masshysteri, Stooges, Kurt Vile, L7, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, War On Drugs, Alice Cooper, MC5, Swervedriver, MF/MB and so on. In Sweden everybody seems to be in a band. There is such a big amount of fantastic musicians, relating to the small number of inhabitants. Is that impression right?

Göran: Maybe… We have public music schools and I think that has a huge impact on the whole scene. The guys from Friska Viljor told me, that the melodic stuff is in the swedish genes, as a heritage from old ABBA. But I guess the hard rockin stuff also, there is a long history of swedish rock bands being very succesfull in europe. Do you see GRANDE ROSES in this line of history? 

Göran: When you make music and record it and write it down you automatically write yourself in history. Some get remembered longer than others. I’m pretty humble about any forms of success. How often do you play live in Sweden? 

Göran: Not that often. As you mentioned, sweden has a lot of good music and very few inhabitants, so you can’t go on a tour as a new band and make any money… But hopefully 80 million germans can find a cure for that, hahaha. Maybe 20-30 well selected gigs a year. You are about to play some european gigs. Will that be your first shows abroad? What do you expect? 

Göran: We’ve been to Norway and Germany… We don’t have any expectations. We always expect the worst nowadays, so now when we get good reviews we get really excited. But we still need to show people what kind of band we are live. Please leave some last words for our readers. Why should they go and immediately get a copy of GRANDE ROSES fabulous debut „Disease“? 

Göran: Support the people behind music not the huge industry. People like Arne on Noisolution… not those Richard Branson types. Buy the album, learn the lyrics – and come and sing with us!

Tour dates:

May 1 Frankfurt

May 2 Munich

May 3 Hamburg

May 5 Berlin

May 6 Cologne