3388 and KHZ / Sexy beats on a higher level

Raiana (KHZ) (3388) on entertaim.net

KHZ – that’s how vocalist Raiana and guitarist Pull started their musical career with dark Alternative / Metal stuff but somtimes it’s time for a change and a new horizont that they decided to create something new and different and founded the electro project Thirty Three Eighty Eight (3388) and started with a single and a sexy video. I interviewed the 2 about the plans with the new project, the video production, KHZ and performing art.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Photos: Benjamin Oliver

entertaim.net: You’re just taking abreak with KHZ and you both have just released your first single and video with your new band 3388 (Thirty Three Eighty Eight), is this a real band or more a project?

Pull: It’s a project of Raiana and me, it’s different from KHZ what’s a Metal/Alternative band. 3388 is an electro project where we can do whatever we want. Some KHZ dislike 3388 but some fans told us that the first single „Tick Tock“ could also be a real KHZ song.

entertaim.net: Are you going to make an entire album this year?

Pull: We’re doing everything step by step, we’ll produce one song after another one until we have enough songs for the album. We also create ideas for live performances, this could be something like performence art with vocals, guitar, electro and video shows.

entertaim.net: I’ve seen the video to the song „Tick Tock“ … very sexy!

Raiana: Thank you, Dennis. First we just wanted to do a photo shooting but then we decided to do an entire video.

Pull: This is another aspect about 3388. When we had the first shows with KHZ in the Alternative genre there was lots of resistance against female singer playing with sexuality and stuff. Now it’s totally different, jsut take a look at the Butcher Babies or In this Moment. Besides … KHZ is a lot darker than 3388.

Raiana: That’s right, in my opinion „Tick Tock“ sounds really easy.

entertaim.net: Pull, you’re also working on your first movie … so there are no plans for live shows with 3388 neither KHZ this year. Have you ver thought about playing in Germany and East Europe where there’s definitely a good market for darker music?

Pull: Believe me, we’d like to come over but this is not that easy and very expensive if you don’t have a big label supporting you. Unfortunately I’ve never been to Germany.

Raiana: I’ve been in Munich …

entertaim.net: … for the Oktoberfest?

Raiana: (laughing) Noooo … but it’s a long time ago. I really like to come over again … maybe for vacation.

Raiana and Pull (KHZ, 3388) on entertaim.net

entertaim.net: We talked about differences between KHZ and 3388 but at the end, Raiana … both bands or projects do have you as the lead singer and your 6-inch high heels as a real brand label …

Raiana: (laughing) Absolutely. I love them!

entertaim.net: … what leads me to the next question. You look younger than ever …

Raiana: Thank you very much!

entertaim.net: … so do you have some advices for our female readers to remain sexy and attractive?

Raiana: Well … you just have to be aware that you’re a woman. Use what you have and feel your femineity.

Pull: May I interrupt? Raiana taught the boys of KHZ and me a lot about style and fashion. She was responsible for our style and make-up at photo sessions and more. An advice can be: Get rid of what’s bad and if something looks good go ahead!

Raiana: If you leave home with fake eyelashes and high heels you cannot be wrong (laughing). Honestly you need different types of eyelashes, in the morning they have to look natural, at night they must be a little longer and luscious.

entertaim.net: So I think you need diffent pairs of high heels, 4 inches at the morning and 7 inches at night?

Raiana: Exactly! Usualy I never leave home without them. I just have my sneakers for going to the gym, otherwise I like wearing my high heels!

entertaim.net: Here’s my advice to our readers to watch your video! Thank you so far and hopefully you’ll release an entire album this year! And if you come to Germany you’re invited …

Pull and Rihana: Thank you very much. Our pleasure!

Raiana (KHZ and 3388) on entertaim.net


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