Manuella Brecko / Eurovision and future visions

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Who is Manuella Brecko? She was a very popular contestant in the search for the Slovenian 2012 Eurovision entry in the tv show Misija Evrovizija. She has now released her official debut single trying to storm the music business.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Bild: Matic Kos You’re part of the Slovenian music scene. Would you say that the music was basically with you from your birth?

Manuella: (laughing) I guess I’m a singer, ever since I can remember … Even as a little girl I loved to perform in front of an audience. My first performances took place in our living room, for our relatives and friends. I have always loved to put on a show, sang and danced everywhere. My parents recognized my talent and love for the music and decided to enroll me in the music school and later I also began to took singing lessons. Is the music scene still a man’s world?

Manuella: I studied at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, where colleagues were mostly men. In their company I always felt nice. I think man make wonderful friends. A man’s world? I don’t think so … as James Brown sang “It’s a man’s world, but it would be nothing without a women”… Women have all the power (laughing) Your participation on the show “Misija Evrovizija”  made you well known to a bigger audience. Looking back, would you participate in a show like that again?

Manuella: I think that the concept of the show was great. I liked the idea that people could decide who would present our country in a Eurovision contest.  In my opinion it was not just another show, it was much more. I worked really hard in that period and as it seems now, it was worth it. The whole experience was a great springboard for me. Maybe in a different way, but, yes, I would do it again. Do you think that the participation in the show, fame in your home country and public recognition changed you?

Manuella: No, I don’t think so. It’s true that many people now know who I am … and some of them look at me differently, but I think I am still the same. I have the same dreams and I still love the same things but I have to say that I learned a lot from the experience. Not so long ago you released your first single called “Il Futuro”. You wrote the lyrics for the song. Do you think that the economic situation and situation in general in the world today takes away the creativity of artists?

Manuella: I wanted to tell the people how I feel about the situation we are currently in. I wanted to tell them that we must never give up. Never give in to the negativity that surrounds us, we have to keep holding on to our dreams, you have to believe in yourself. If we do that, we can accomplish anything, the sky is the limit. Tom Petty also said this. Anyway … would you say you are a fighter?

Manuella: Definitely. I believe that one must never give up in a pursuit of happiness. You co-wrote your single “Il Futuro” with Kevin Koradin of TIDE, did you knew Kevin before?

Manuella: I first meet Kevin on a release party of  Jacob Kapus video. We talked about music and discovered, that we have a lot of similar views about music, how things should sound, so we decided to try and work together. I think we did a great job. I really like the outcome and I know that everyone in the team is really proud of the song.

entertaim.netYou just finished the video shooting for the song, how did it feel?

Manuella: That was really hard, I was completely exhausted (laughing). We shot the video with my band, so we had a great time and I was lucky having a chance to work with a very talented group of young artists. What is the current deal, what are you working on? How about the future, do you have any special plans?

Manuella: I have a lot on my mind, concerts, interviews, promotion, we are working on a new material. At the moment my main focus is on the single and the video. I want to get it out there so people will hear and see it. Thanks so far and good luck.

Manuella: Thank you very much.