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Interview with gorgeous US-model Jennifer Irene Gonzalez about dangerous shootings, hot cars, magazine covers, competition between models and Johnny Depp.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Photos: Krystle Lina (TOP), Jenna Kraczek (MIDDLE), Mike Prado (BOTTOM) Hi Jennifer. You’re a famous model and one of the biggest and most adorable stars of the Wheels and Heels Mag! How important are cars in your life? What’s your personal dream car?

Jennifer Irene Gonzalez:  Thank you for your kind words. You’re welcome.

Jennifer: I love that industry! Who doesn’t love hot cars and fast bikes? In addition to gracing multiple covers of Wheels & Heels Magazines, I have been featured in Performance Auto and Sound magazines and listed as a Hot Imports Night model, so I can proudly say that cars are an important part of my life! I’m a sucker for fast racecars. The Audi R8 is my all time favorite! You’ve been on lots of covers of magazines. This must feel pretty cool?

Jennifer:  Yes, I feel so honored each time I am featured and thankful for all of the opportunities that coming along with the publications. Especially in a big metropolis like L.A. there’s certainly a big competition between models. If you compare hard times in your job as a model with all the good things … is it still a dream job and what’s the biggest advantage in your job? Traveling?

Jennifer:  People will find fierce competition in just about any career and location. Modeling is still and always will be my dream job! I’m stronger because of my hard times and wiser because of my mistakes. The biggest advantage of my job is that it allows me to be creative and a little unconventional. Of course getting to travel and interact with a lot of different people are more perks to being a model (laughing). I read that in your early days you sang … are there any current ambitions to start an additional career as a singer?

Jennifer:  At 21 years old, I became a signed artist with Upscale Records in Newport Beach and received a record distribution deal with Sony BMG. Really! Although singing is one of my hobbies or special talents, I don’t have plans to continue to pursue it in the near future. Modeling and acting are my current ambitions.

Jennifer Irene Gonzalez on What was your most exciting or dangerous shooting ever?

Jennifer: The most exciting shoot I have done would have been on the cliffs of Hawaii. It was an awesome experience but it was also very dangerous considering the fact we had to basically climb up steep terrains and volcanic rock to get there. If I’m right you have been on the cover of the Slovenian FHM! Where’s the connection to Slovenia? I’ve got lots of friends right there …

Jennifer:  You have a lot of friends there? Oh nice, I hope that they have copies of the magazines! I submitted to FHM Slovenia twice and got in their magazine … twice. The first time as a 6-8 page feature, and the second time was as a cover and feature with the infamous TERA PATRICK. Have you ever been in Germany or plans to come over?

Jennifer:  I have never been to Germany, but I do intend to travel there! There are a lot of beautiful places there that I’d like to see and top-photographers I’d love to work with! My last question … not to be taken that seriously … If you were on an uninhabited island for about 2 weeks who of these guys you’d like to have on your side for those 2 weeks: Obama, Orlando Bloom or Johnny Depp?

Jennifer: (laughing)  Oh my God! Johnny Depp! He has already proven that he has connections with sea turtles and pirates to get us off of the island! Jennifer … thanks for the interview and I’m going to ask my friends about the FHM copies.

Jennifer: Great! My pleasure. See you soon.

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