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Life is an oyster and full of entertainment. Niki Saletta from L.A. likes it all … writing songs, performing songs, photo shootings and acting for shows and movies; interviewed Californian all-rounder Niki about 7th Heaven, her current music plans and further stuff.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Photos by courtesy of Niki Saleta (c) by Steven Lynch You act in the TV show „7th Heaven“ … are there any further offers for you acting in another movie soon?

Niki: I filmed a movie last year called „Donors“. It’s a psycho thriller. It is set to go to film festivals this year. Wow! Good luck with this. Let’s get to your music. Your unplugged session is pretty good. Do you plan to do an entire Unplugged-Live-Tour?

Niki: I am currently performing with my brother Sam. We are accompanied by a full band called Saletta. We perform in the Los Angeles area weekly. You released different songs in different genres … where do you set your musical focus? Pop or Rock?

Niki: Well, I would consider myself as an artist and the music I like to perform is Rock/Pop/Soul. I am a songwriter and write in all different genres. My catalog of songs available online is a mixture of all types of music. Is an entire album in progress?

Niki: I am currently collaborating with different writers/producers on dance pop tracks and soul pop songs per project. I usually write song by song, whatever I feel. Not concentrating on a specific album for myself, but I will be starting a collaboration of music with my brother Sam for our band Saletta. Your photos of the Steven Lynch shooting look pretty awesome. Do you like to do more shootings?

Niki: I love taking photos! Steven Lynch is a long time friend and a very talented photographer and I am sure there will be many new photos this year to add to my new website at What are your further plans for this year?

Niki: Writing for Saletta band, live performances throughout the summer and through the fall season. And of course recording … Niki, thank you so far and maybe we’ll meet in Germany!

Niki: You’re welcome … and yes, that’ll be terrific.

Niki Saletta on

Niki Saletta on