Lindi Ortega / American Recordings and living on the road


Unfortunately the show in Cologne on a Monday evening was not sold out but enchanting Miss Lindi Ortega did a great job on stage. A couple of hours ago I met her at the „Wohngemeinschaft“ having coffee and we talked about her life on the road, Johnny Cash, her influences, plans and religion.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Photo 1 by courtesy of Lindi Ortega , Photo 2 (below) by Dennis Rowehl Lindi … by the way … what a cute name …

Lindi: (laughing) Thank you! Well, I read that a magazine wrote about you being the imaginary daughter of desire of Johnny Cash …

Lindi: Oh yeah, …, but I never said this! I love Johnny Cash and his music! I also play a couple of his songs live. Of course your music is kinda influenced by him … especially the darker side of your Country noir. Johnny Cash was very religious … what about you?

Lindi: Honestly I’m totally not religious at all. My Mom is Irish but Protestant and my father is from Mexico but I studied philosophy, read so many things about the meaning of life, I read Nietzsche and I even gratuated … finally I came to the conclusion that I’m not religious at all (smiling). Now you live in Nashville … is it still the capital of Country Music?

Lindi: Nashville is still big in Country and has got a huge tradition. So, of course Nashville is a good place for a Country singer … great studios, producers, labels and more. Actually I live on the road and I played lots of shows especially in the USA and I’m really happy about the feedback. The road is my home! (laughing) And … I’m proud of getting the chance to support SOCIAL DISTORTION. Me and my guitar! By the way … Mike Ness is a big Country fan. Do you like the Dixie Chicks?

Lindi: (laughing) This is not my music, I like the old Country stuff and I also like Classic Rock like Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen … Do you like Square Dance?

Lindi: Square Dance? Mmhh, I can’t dance this way but … yeah I mean … it’s cool (laughing). Are you also influenced by your Irish and Mexican origin … The Irish do have lots of really cool Folk music …

Lindi: Yes, they really do have … I think that here are some ideas coming from this Irish tradition … and regarding Mexico … I have a certain kind of playing my guitar without plectrum … this is my Mexican style. … the way Antonio Banderas did in the movie „Desperado“?

Lindi: (laughing) Absolutely! Your lyrics are filled with black humour, so you could write songs for a Robert Rodriquez movie?

Lindi: That’ll be awesome! I like to tell stories and I really like the absurd, so my lyrics are filled with black humour because this is part of life. My life is the road, so that’s where I got the album title „Cigarettes and truckstops“ from … and the road tells the best stories. Have you ever played in Mexico?

Lindi: I had a performance but I haven’t played a tour yet. This could be a challenge. Of course I speak Spanish and I’d probably sing the songs in Spanish but there are no plans for playng in Mexico yet. The venues have to be safe places and I have no booking agency for Mexico … but yes, I’d love t play there. Right now we’re touring Europe, I play some shows an Gemany, Italy …? Italy … wow, I didn’t know that the Italian like Country and this singer/songwriter stuff …

Lindi: (laughing) Me neither but I haven’t booked the tour. Fortunately the weather will be better right there. It’s damn cold outside and I got a bad cold … fortunately I’m still able to sing (smiling). Do you have a final statement for your German fans?

Lita: Well, I heard about some good reviews, so thank you very much for your support! Lindi, was a pleasure talking to you … enjoy your tour and all the best!

Lindi: Thank you very much, my pleasure.

Lindi Ortega (by) Dennis Rowehl