Making a movie: Hemoglobin

Movie: Hemoglobine

New York. It started with a vision of making a movie. Eddie Frente who had lots of experiences producing music videos for his own band finally wanted to realize his dream of making an entire movie … and HEMOGLOBIN was born. He told us more details about the story, the desires, the intentions … (by Dennis Rowehl) Usually you’re a musician, when and how did you get the idea to make your own movie?

Eddie Frente: Honestly, I always wanted to do my own movie and was fascinated by this idea. With my band KHZ we did a lot of videos and we created and produced them ourselves. Now we take a break with KHZ and I thougt it was a good idea. What exactly are you doing?

Eddie Frente: Actualy I wrote the script, I’m the producer, co-producer, director … (laughing) but we also have a couple of actors and actresses at the set (laughing), about 16 till 20. The movie’s called „HEMOGLOBIN“, what’s the story about?

Eddie Frente: It’s about zombies, vampires and humans living together but they find out that the zombies are a threat that vampires and human unite to wipe out the zombies … just check out the trailer: When the whole product has been finished, how do you want to sell or spread it?

Eddie Frente: I shot a 45 minute short film to look for funding to make the feature. Anyone interested can contact me directly here: … I’m not sure yet, I hope that the movie will be shown at theatres, of course … where movies belong. If I cannot realize this for any reason I’ll spread it for free (laughing) … we’ll see! Maybe it’s a pilot for an entire TV series … vampires and supernatural things are still famous …

Eddie Frente: That would be definitely awesome. I’m open-minded! What was the motivation to produce this movie?

Edie Frente: Just passion! I always had the idea of creating a movie! So if anybody is interested in supporting you or wants to be part of your project where can he, she or a company get further information?

Eddie Frente: You can find any other information you want at the Facebook page: Thank you so far and good luck!

Eddie Frente: Thanks and feel free to check out the trailer and the websites …