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Justine Blazer on entertaim.net

Justine Blazer, Country Star from Nashville has just released her brand new album „Gasoline“ surprising her fans with a new fresh and harder sound and cool and gorgeous pictures right from the road. We took the chance talking about the new album, her current plans and Square Dance …

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Pics by courtesy of Justine Blazer

entertaim.net: Hi Justine, you look younger and more attractive than ever!

Justine: Thank you very much! Lots of water, vitamins, good sleep, eat healthy and P90X (laughing)!

entertaim.net: This March your new album „Gasoline“ has been released. The cover pics look a little more Rock’n’Roll than Country. And of course we already reviewed it … your best album ever!

Justine: Thank you so much, Dennis. I co-wrote 5 songs, which is first for me, believe it or not.  The other six I wrote solely.  I had the chance to write with some incredible writers who have written hits to Montgomery Gentry, Trick Pony and many more.  It really gives the album a nice variety.

entertaim.net: Meanwhile you had lots of TV appearances, so how does it feel to become more and more popular in the USA with your music?

Justine: It feels the same for me honestly. Doesn’t feel any different. I don’t focus on that. I just focus on writing and performing the best possible music for myself and for the fans.

entertaim.net: I just saw on your tour plan that you play many, many shows. How electrifying is playing live on stage? What’s better … studio work or playing live?

Justine: I LOVE performing live. It’s my favorite! I feel like I was born to be on stage. I have been on stage since I was two and a half. So, it feels like my second home. I do love the studio, too. Especially this time around. I recorded this album at Sound Stage Studios on Music Row in Nashville, TN.  Same studio Miranda Lambert recorded her last album and many more country icons. Feel blessed to have the opportunity to record at such an iconic studio.  I worked with Nick Autry, Billy Decker and Benny Quinn, some of the best names in the biz.

entertaim.net: Will you also produce a video? What do you like to produce? Maybe a video with a whole story?

Justine: I’m working on trying to get another music video for a new song. As for a whole story video … not sure. I have a bunch of footage. Maybe one day I will just have to put it all together.

entertaim.net: By the way … Do you like Square Dance?

Justine: Square Dance?  (laughing) Hmmm, I think one time in like sixth grade we danced to „Cotton Eyed Joe“ for fun but nothing serious.

entertaim.net: Apart from Country … what artists and kind of music do you also like?

Justine: I like Christian Rock, 90’s music, current dance music and some Indie stuff.

entertaim.net: Is there a chance to show up in Germany this year?

Justine: Gosh! I hope so! I want to go to Germany and Europe so bad! So anyone reading this in Europe … book me over there! (laughing) It would be a blast!

entertaim.net: If I were a booker … you know …

Justine: Thank you, Dennis

Review to „GASOLINE“: https://entertaimnet.wordpress.com/2013/03/08/justine-blazer-gasoline-la-blaze-records/

Justine Blazer on entertaim.net